0mb vram

  1. donshy

    0MB VRAM and unrecognised Nvidia graphics card

    Hi all. First time Hackintosh-ing and everything is running great - bar the graphics. I've scoured around the tonymacx86 forums and tried everything I could find but nothing has worked thus far so I'm resorting to posting my final problem on here. The internal Intel UHD 630 graphics are working...
  2. JotaOliveiraa

    Sierra issues Post-Installation (Glitchy, super slow, 0Mb VRam, won't boot without USB)

    Hi guys, I just installed Sierra on my Hackintosh and you can tell right away that it's not working properly. The first page where you have to choose the user is all messed up. The background was all glitched out with different colours. When I enter my password and log in, the computer becomes...
  3. hananias

    ElCapitan + Zotac GTX750ti correct resolution but flickers! 0MB VRam???

    As the tittle says I'm trying to get 10.11.2 OS X running with a Zotac GeForce gtx750ti 2gb ddr5 (2xDVI + Mini HDMI) to run smoothly. Finally got past the installer and got the resolution correct. Well, now the problem is to get the Graphics working properly. For some weird reason even...
  4. jsproule899

    My GTX 780 with 0 MB Vram??

    i dont know if os x mavericks is actually not detecting the vram or its just not seeing it but yet still using it? has anyone else had this problem? i am using the nvidia web Specs: i5 3570K Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 8GB Corsair Vengeance Asus GTX 780 DCUII OC 128GB SSD(windows drive) 500GB...