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  1. xtrasteven

    Help needed. Mavericks and Win8.1 installation problems

    Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I was here, but I am exhausted. Since 2 days I am trying to install Win8.1 and MacOSX on my (now not working) hackintosh. I tried to follow this guide: but 2...
  2. xtrasteven

    Speedstep Control for i7 3770k

    Hello, every time I boot (verbose) I get the message that my cpu is not supported by osx and speedstep (and sleep etc) do not work. I have to mention, i only have 1,6 or 3,5 ghz (no turboboost, even if I overlock to 4,2 osx only uses 1,6 or 3,5) Can Chimera fix this? best xtrasteven
  3. xtrasteven

    iTunes - Multiple-Speakers. Maybe Hackintosh related problem

    Hey Guys, first I want to tell you, Audio works for me. (For specs look to the left). I use a MacPro 3,1 System-Definition. I have a question which maybe is hackintosh-related, maybe I have to deal with it then. Okay, I have a Gear4 Airzone Air+ Speaker which I can use from my iPhone, hackbook...
  4. xtrasteven

    Bluetooth Dongle - Mountain Lion. Which one should I buy?

    Hello guys, currently I use a rapoo mouse and keyboard (wireless) I have some issues with the connection. Even though the distance is about 80cm sometimes the mouse and keyboard do not work. I need an advice on which bluetooth-dongle is fullly compatible to ML. I want to upgrade to a apple...
  5. xtrasteven

    SSDT for i7 3770k?

    Hello guys, even though I'm no noob in using hacks I'm a noob with ssdts. I need one for my i7 3770k. Speaking of ssdt, I wonder if my "no sleep" issue will disappear when I use a SSDT. I have a new GA-z77 board with (according to the forum) works without DSDT. best xtrasteven
  6. xtrasteven

    [GUIDE] GA-Z77-UD5H, GA-GeForce 770GTX WF, i7 3770K

    Hey Guys, it's me again from Germany :) Since my last Hackintosh had a malfunction/ short circuit I considered to buy a new PC with compatible components. My choice were a GA-z77-UD5H MoBo, an i7 3770K and the NV 770GTX from Gigabyte with 2GB GDDR5 Ram. I don't want to beat around the bush...
  7. xtrasteven

    GA-Z77-UD5H, Samsung ssd 840: errno 19

    SOLVED! GA-Z77-UD5H, Samsung ssd 840: errno 19 Hey guys, recently my new hardware arrived and I assembeled my new PC. Unfortunately I have a problem getting to the installation screen. I got the error "errno 19 cant mount root" I already googled this issue but did not get statisfying...
  8. xtrasteven

    Considering to buy a pre-assembled PC from ONE// How's your opinion?

    Hey Guys, Today my mainboard and HDD of my hackintosh died due to some kind of electrical failure in my muliple socket with master/ slave function. Since my old hardware is between 3 and 6 years old it's time for some new hardware anyway. I am unsure wheather I should buy each component for...
  9. xtrasteven

    Hackintosh GA-P35-DS4// Sound and Sleep Mode

    Hey Guys, a few days ago I deleted my working 10.7.5 Hackintosh to make a new one with a DSDT file beacuse I want to have SleepMode. Well, installation from my USB-Drive worked quite well. I have a HD6450 installed and I can boot with the bootflag "GraphicsEnabler=No". The Card is recognized...
  10. xtrasteven

    Lenovo y560 0646 LION 10.7.2 Installation// Almost working, Help needed

    Hey Guys, (please be nice to me, since I have a lot of contact to chines people at work my english is getting poorer and poorer...) I am using a hackintosh for about 2 years now and I love it. After I managed to get all things to work (thanks to karacho) I tried to make a Hackbook with 10.6.8...