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  1. sanyi83

    Crashing while using Safari

    Safari sometimes crashes my computer. Here is the error report does anyone know what could cause this? I am on OC 0.7.3
  2. sanyi83

    G613 no Command key

    Just like it says...I just got this new keyboard (Logitech G613) and I can't get a command key to work. Has anyone had this problem before?
  3. sanyi83

    Bluetooth Issue with BCM94360CD

    I am starting a new thread on this I thought I could find the answer in another thread but no luck. I own the MQUPIN Wireless PCI-E Card, Fencvi T919 WiFi Adapter and have used it for about a year and my Bluetooth is not loading...
  4. sanyi83

    Z490-A OC 0.7.3 Boot Problem

    I don't know what to do here. I had a solid booting machine and everything was working except some USB speed issues. I have my USB installed with OC and that worked to create the system, and I had a working clone in my machine all 3 would boot the machine. Now I can't get the computer to get...
  5. sanyi83

    [Solved] Stuck on install OC 0.7.0 and trying to upgrade to 11.4

    Nevermind It worked eventually
  6. sanyi83

    Solved - Cant see MacOS partitions

    I go back and forth between windows on one drive and MacOS on the other. I was just in windows for a day or two and I can no longer see the Mac partitions in the BIOS boot options. I have 2 M.2's, one with MacOS on it, and I can't boot from it. I can see they are formatted in widows, but I...
  7. sanyi83

    USB stops working with 11.3.1

    I just updated and the process seemed to go fine. However my USB completely stopped working. No mouse or keyboard inputs accepted. I dont know if this is an OC issue I was working rock solid with 0.6.8 Any ideas?
  8. sanyi83

    Graphics Cards and Lack of Stock

    I want to upgrade my 580 but nothing seems to be available. What are people getting these days?
  9. sanyi83

    Moving time Machine backups.backupdb

    Is there a faster way to move this data? I have a new drive I want to move my backup to. But It is going to take forever in finder copy. CCC claims it won't do it. SuperDuper is able to clone it to a new drive.
  10. sanyi83

    Time Machine Server (Big Sur)

    I just added an internal 8Tb drive to my desktop and I would like to share that over my network for other devices to backup to. Can I do this without buying the server app?
  11. sanyi83

    External DVD and Ripping

    A couple of issues. 1. every time I plug in my external DVD player with a video disk DVD player trys to open then it crashes. 2. Handbrake doesn't seem to rip encrypted DVD's 3. RipIt is what I have used for years but doesn't seem to work anymore. 4. I...
  12. sanyi83

    Fixing RTC write issues Open Core

    On my board, I am getting CMOS and Safe mode errors. I came across this write-up from the OC Developers and it seems EXTREMELY tedious. Has anyone come across this problem before and do you know a faster way to find the bad RTC regions??
  13. sanyi83

    Filevault 2 and opencore

    Has anyone had luck enabling filevault in opencore?
  14. sanyi83

    Open Core on Z370

    I am muddling through dortania guide and I don't know what this error means. My best guess is that Lilu is in the wrong location but when I go back and look at my EFi it is in the right place. Can someone let me know what I did wrong?
  15. sanyi83

    Catalina FileVault

    I have searched for an answer on how to enable this with Catalina on my Hackintosh and everything I am finding is old. I have tried the drivers and then I enable FileVault, boot into clover, and then I cant see the boot drive. Has anyone been successful in enabling FileVault on Catalina? If...
  16. sanyi83

    Z370 Fresh Install USB 3 Not working

    I have not installed Inject all or any of the USB Drivers in multibeast. The USB ports were working nativly at 5GBbs before I changed EC0 to EC is ACPI of clover configurator. I dont know if I can/should just remove that patch or what I can do to have a stable system with USB3 and 3.1 working.
  17. sanyi83

    10.15.1 Update Stalls During Install

    I’ve been trying to update. Booted in verbose mode. I’ve put in lilu whatevergeeen fakesmc onto the efi partition and during the update. It gets stuck at this point. Does anyone know what i can do to get it fixed?
  18. sanyi83

    ROG STRIX Z370-I

    I am trying to get my onboard wifi card working, its both Bluetooth and wifi on this board. I cant tell what specific model but since it was in the buying guide on here I thought it would work just fine. Apparently not. Can anyone help me with what kext to install to get this working?
  19. sanyi83

    GA-Z87X-UD5H Boot Errors

    Hi so this is not the first time I've made a hack with tonymacs help. I recently got a new mother board and am trying to do a fresh install on the computer and keep getting kernel panics when trying to boot the computer up to install Mavericks. The one I've been getting is a deadbeef...
  20. sanyi83

    USB 3 Not working

    I just installed the Kext from MultiBeast 4.6.1 using with the DSDT from the database and I cant get the USB 3 to load up. Does anyone know why? Is there some preference file I need to delete or something to rebuild?