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  1. Donxdogx

    Chimera Bootloader

    Can Lilu be used with Chimera?
  2. Donxdogx

    Need Help Solving Mystery

    Please help me solve this mystery. I have a 500 GB Toshiba HD model DT01ACA050 which was taken from an Optipex 755 and had been used to run Windows 7. I connected it to my Custo Mac Mini Delux via USB port and erased it using the the first level of the secure erase (it took five hours) and...
  3. Donxdogx

    bluetooth on GA-Z97N-WiF build works

    when I first completed my CustoMac Mini Delux in July of 2015 bluetooth would not work. Now, three years later, after upgrading to Clover (EFI) and Mojave 10.14.1 I suddenly discover that it now works perfectly. I have no idea when or why it started working.
  4. Donxdogx

    Get rid of "Boot OS X Install" choice from boot screen.rtf

    I’ve had a couple of failed attempts at upgrading from Yosemite to El Capitan on my CustoMac Mini. I’m using Clover. Now at the boot screen I get the usual options of drive choices plus I get the “Boot OS X Install …” choice which doesn’t work and I would like to get rid of it. How do I get rid...