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  1. barwnik

    32 Core Hackintosh?

    for large data files processing/calculations that needs to be done in a RAM Disk. Hence I was after a hackintosh with high number of cores and a lot of RAM.
  2. barwnik

    32 Core Hackintosh?

    Hi Tutor, I was wondering if you have recently tried more than 32 cores with Mac OS 10.10.x? Also by any chance do you now what is the max of RAM that OS 10.10.x can cable? If we consider 6TB of RAM on supermicro MoBo, do you think would that work? Thank you.
  3. barwnik

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    I run the SU via the App Store, as completely forgotten that have got a Hackintosh not a Mac Pro and I remembered that when noticed the PC screen. The final result is as it should be. Everything works fine! :-)
  4. barwnik

    Blackscreen on boot with unibeast then reboot.

    Try do on the boot screen -x -v and PCIRootUID=0. It helped in my case.