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  1. Cydonia22

    Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H - most recent CPU?

    I've been googling this for a while without much success - what is the most recent CPU a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H can handle? I have Ivy Bridge now, and wondering how much newer I can go without replacing the mobo. Thanks!
  2. Cydonia22

    June 2013 CustoMac Pro from Mountain Lion to El Capitan in one update!

    Using this thread, I successfully upgraded to El Capitan from Mountain Lion :headbang: Thank you for all the awesome advice and great documentation :clap: I have the June 2013 CustoMac Pro build and just switched from Chameleon to Clover. To anyone that's holding out on switching to Clover, I...
  3. Cydonia22

    App Store and iTunes - "An Unknown Error Has Occurred"

    I am able to sync my notes & calendars through iCloud and I have my Apple ID associated with my user account, but I cannot use iTunes or the App Store. When I try to buy/install an app from the App Store, I get small red text under my Apple ID that says "An unknown error has occurred". Clicking...
  4. Cydonia22

    Kernel Panic after seemingly successful Multibeast - please help

    I had myself 95-99% of the way there, but now on my first startup after a "successful" multibeast install, I get a kernel panic every time: Pics: Thoughts? In case that picture from my iPad came out too small when I added it as an image, the kernel panic line is: panic(cpu 0 caller...
  5. Cydonia22

    [SOLVED] Unibeast failing consistently despite usual troubleshooting - LOG INCLUDED

    Previously failed consistently when using Lion 10.7 Fresh install of Mountain Lion 10.8 No other copies of the Install app anywhere on the PC, including the trash Errors still received Error Logs /var/install.log: Marker - Jul 27, 2013 10:15:29 AMJul 27 10:15:33 CATHERINEs-MacBook-Pro.local...
  6. Cydonia22

    [SOLVED] Unibeast failing consistently despite usual troubleshooting - please help

    To start, I've been through the Unibeast Troubleshooting Guide, but my installs keep failing every time. I've tried numerous settings and every time it fails the same way. I've also searched the forums to no avail. Here's my error log from the Console: 7/27/13 2:02:41.376 AM Installer...