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  1. karmano

    Restore from Hackintosh to Mac Mini 2012

    Hello Guys, I am stuck on restoring my hackintosh Mojave to real Mac Mini 2012 Late. Restoring via TM and migration assistant is no problem and mac mini will bootup succesfully until i for the first time run the software update on the Mac Mini. After install the security public update mac...
  2. karmano

    Mavericks download??

    Guys, i need to download Mavericks, searching about an 1 hour but nothging to found out. Where can i download mojave ? not the DMG file or ISO. It is needed to make USB bootable for a real Macbook pro.
  3. karmano

    Migrate to another HDD

    I need to migrate my HDD to another HDD. I am using Mojave mackintosh. How can i simply do that? Do i need to install first hackintosh on the new HDD and restore via Time Machine from USB disk. Should that be work?
  4. karmano

    error installation

    Hello Guys, I have an old Mac and i can't download mojave because it is not supported on my Mac. Where can i get the latest Mojave to install on USB disk?