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  1. applebenny

    Clover Configurator destroys my config

    Hey :) Did a fresh install of High Sierra on my SSD with HFS, installed the newest Multibeast-Tools and anything is working so far. To generate a new serial number, and disable "legacy" in the boot section, I edited my config with cc, and saved it. But after that, my PC won't boot anymore. I...
  2. applebenny

    List of GPUs with native support

    Hi, is there any List of GPUs native supported by MacOS? I'm searching for a GPU with DisplayPort for a 4k Monitor, and without the need to install GPU Drivers. After my Nvidia Geforce 770 died, i have problems with the 1050ti and the web drivers. Thanks! :-)
  3. applebenny

    Geforce 670 isn't working on 10.8.3

    Hi, i used my Hackintosh some months without problems with 10.8.2 After an Update to 10.8.3 my Geforce 670 isn't working. I can only boot in safe mode. If i boot, the apple logo appears and the weel is spinning in an endless loop. I did a clean install of 10.8.3 but it doesn't solve the...
  4. applebenny

    Palit Jetstream 660TI/670

    Hi, I have a running Hackintosh here, with mini-itx board, intel 3570k, bitfenix prodigy, intel hd 4000. everything is working so far. :headbang: I saw the Kepler Graphics as Recommendation on the Hackintosh Builds. My Question is, does it matter, if I buy a Geforce GTX 660TI/670 from EVGA or...