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  1. jmacie

    Opencore "Fixing Shutdown/Restart" guide

    I've have suddenly been unable to shutdown. I get error messages after it restarts about not shutting down properly. Looking on Dortania I can't understand how to augment the FixShutdown-USB-SSDT.dsl for my DSDT. I'm posting my DSDT in hopes someone will help. Any info is appreciated as I have...
  2. jmacie

    x99 opencore

    Any with x99 boards use opencore? I'm trying to make a bootloader and am having trouble booting. If anyone has an x99 opencore efi I could look at, I'd appreciate it. Thanks johnm
  3. jmacie

    Can't upgrade to 10.15.4 Stuck at: [EB]#LOG:EXITBS:START]

    I've been trying to upgrade from 10.15.3. I used in-place upgrade and a fresh usb 10.15.4 install and it's the same stuck error both ways. I've tried web searching, but not solutions. There were people struggling early april and they only needed an updated clover. I've tried that no go. I tried...
  4. jmacie

    << Solved >> SSDT-EC.aml help, thanks

    Can someone explain how I extract SSDT-ec.aml? Thank you, johnm
  5. jmacie

    << Solved >> Can't install, -v says: AMF: Only 128/256 slide values are useable|

    I tried installing from update and separately from a usb. I get the same freezup at clover boot: AMF: Only 128/256 slide values are useable| Valid slides: 128-255 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I remember the +++++++ from installing a couple of years back being an Aptio-type file problem. I...
  6. jmacie

    Dual screen artifacts unless 1 is plugged in after boot

    Using lilu and whatevergreen.kexts. I can boot with 1 monitor (displayport) and can plug the other monitor (hdmi), and both work well. But if I try to boot with both monitors plugged in, I get unwatchable unusable artifacts on both screens. Everywhere I have searched all over the internet this...
  7. jmacie

    Sleep stopped after 10.13

    Could anyone give me a suggestion how to troubleshoot my sleep? I was good with sleep all the way until 10.13.1. I am on 10.13.3, and have attempted to clean installed each rev since 10.13, but no clue. When I try to sleep the screen goes black, but the system is still on, and can't be revived...
  8. jmacie

    End Of MacOS on Intel?

    So I was reading this article about Apple releasing it's own Mac chips soon, wonder how long they'll have to support old Intel hardware? Guess we'll have more info soon.