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  1. GuitarGuy77

    Mac Book Pro Hackintosh Potential?

    This DIY Laptop looks like it has great potential for a Mac Book Pro hackintosh? Anyone do one for these yet?
  2. GuitarGuy77

    Next Gen Mac Pro Intel Ice Lake Xeon W 3300 CPUs
  3. GuitarGuy77

    Dell 3930 Workstation Hackintosh?

    Has anyone been able to hackintosh the Dell 3930 Workstation desktop or rackmount? Seems doable with the chipset. I know Dell has proprietary firmware. Please Advise...
  4. GuitarGuy77

    Huawei’s MateBook X

    Anyone hack this yet??
  5. GuitarGuy77

    Need Help Getting HD6790 to Work in High Sierra

    Found an old AMD HD 6790 - it works better than Nvidia ATM but not showing full resolution (max 1024 ATM). Anyone know if there is a high sierra kext that will work for that?
  6. GuitarGuy77

    Success: X79 UD5 + 10.13 High Sierra

    Hi All, After some time and allot of help from others (PikerAlpha,Stork,Dr. Drumm,tofisi,Thanos, profmartinmarsian,TonyMac,MacMan, and all those I can't recall). Below you will find the quick and dirty steps to get macOS 10.13 to boot on X79 UD5 Mainboard. 1- Make sure you have latest clover...
  7. GuitarGuy77

    10.13 CPU Boot Issue

    Hi All, Started to update 10.12.5 to 10.13. beta 2 I'm able to install ok with clover as before. However, on boot have AppleACPIPLatform error. Attached pic shows additional details of kernel panic. Verbose mode makes specific mention of " Perhaps...
  8. GuitarGuy77

    Sierra Boot Issue X79 UD5

    Here is the latest error - any thoughts from the experts here? Appreciate your help in advance!! Make mention of below items: com.MinnowStor.NVMeGeneric(1.0) Should I delete those or replace them? Super close -...
  9. GuitarGuy77

    Having Installation Problem

    Having issues on reboot after install. Any thoughts on these errors? Seem to get stuck when USBMC appears in -v mode.
  10. GuitarGuy77

    USB WiFi Adapter For 10.10.5?

    Does anyone know if there is a USB WIFi Adapter for 10.10.5? I have a Airline 101 wireless N but can't find drivers for 10.10.5. My PCI-e 1x, and PCI Express x1 are open Other PCI=e 4x slots are full with m.2 adapters Appreciate any input. Thanks,
  11. GuitarGuy77

    Intel i9 CPU

    Intel Core i9 and X299 Maybe apple will use this is for the new iMac 'Pro' or new 2018 Mac Pro? Even cooler a new Mac Mini? Excited to see! Thoughts...
  12. GuitarGuy77


    Saw this today wanted to share: 960 PRO Up to 3500 MBps Read Up to 2100 MBps Write Guessing that this will be the new mac book pro drive.
  13. GuitarGuy77

    NVIDIA GTX 960 Not Showing Up Clover 10.10.3

    Installed the nvidia web drivers. Here is a screen shot. Any help greatly appreciated! Currently small pixelated screen that flickers.
  14. GuitarGuy77

    i7-6950X Is Here

    Has anyone built with this? Just came out:
  15. GuitarGuy77

    Intel unveils its Skylake CPUs with performance & battery life improvements across the board
  16. GuitarGuy77

    Samsung SM951 support in chimera

    May I request chimera can be updated to see Samsung SM951
  17. GuitarGuy77

    Samsung SM 951

    Samsung SM951 Anyone use this yet? Just ordered one with the Lycom PCIe SSD to PCIe adapter. Suppose to be faster than the mac pro blade @ 2100MBs: Once it comes in ill test it and post black magic speed test results. Can't wait!
  18. GuitarGuy77

    Yosemite X79 UD5 Slow Start Up Screen

    Can get to the main log in Screen for Yosemite - however it has a screen shutter - not very sever but its noticeable and the performance seems a little sluggish. Any suggestions? Used the following boot loader: -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=No npci=0x3000 cpus=1 Thanks!
  19. GuitarGuy77

    Retina iMac references discovered in OS X Yosemite code