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  1. dtrvndrn

    Old hackintosh, update path? Yosemite / i7 2600k / Z68MA-D2H-B3

    Hi folks, Haven't been on here for a long time. Still using my trusty hackintosh on daily basis though. I've kept it running as it is because "it just works". But sooner or later one has to stop postponing updating. I'm worried getting behind on updates will make my system too vulnerable to...
  2. dtrvndrn

    BIOS to EFI upgrade, will it break existing Win7 dual-boot ?

    Hi, I'd like to upgrade my mobo BIOS to EFI on my dual-boot ML & Win7 system. I couldn't find anywhere on the forums or google whether that will break the Win7 install. Anyone know? ML and Win7 are installed on separate SSDs. Tanx D.
  3. dtrvndrn

    USB & FW external soundcards, intermittent crackles, going nuts

    Hi there, I have an audio issue that's driving me mad. I'm a professional audiovisual artist and having a flaky sound system is just no option. Breakdowns in the midst of a live show are no fun. It started with my old 'n trusty MOTU 828mk2 firewire interface. After not having used any...
  4. dtrvndrn

    Hack a GTX6xx into a Quadro K5000 / Tesla K10

    Mighty hack here:
  5. dtrvndrn

    Is a high Vcore in itself dangerous or is it just the heat?

    Hi, I'm a beginner at overclocking and 1 thing's not entirely clear to me: is a high Vcore in itself dangerous or is it just the resulting heat? I'm reading here and there that Vcore's of 1.4+V are to be avoided but I'm not sure whether that's because of the heat it causes or because of the...
  6. dtrvndrn

    GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 overclocking

    Hi there, I wanted to share my experiences overclocking my i7 2600k CPU on a GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 board (F10 BIOS). The i7 OC SSDT in multibeast makes it really easy to OC up to 4.2GHz simply by installing it and setting turbo ratios in BIOS. Initial testing brought me up to 42-42-42-40 ratios...
  7. dtrvndrn

    Cloned Lion partition hangs on 'still waiting for root device' / boot-uuid-media

    Hi, I have carbon-copy-cloned my working 10.7.4 system to another partition on the same HD. I want to install Mountain Lion on that while keeping the original Lion install intact. The cloned Lion system doesn't boot though, hangs on: rooting via boot-uuid from /chosen: <...long HEX...>...
  8. dtrvndrn

    CCC-cloned system on 2nd HD doesn't show up in Chimera

    Hi, I've been using CCC to clone my Lion system drive. This works great as long as I clone to a partition on the primary HD. I can boot up the cloned system from Chimera. Now I wanted to back up to my 2nd HD (and experiment with Mountain Lion) but the cloned system doesn't show up in...
  9. dtrvndrn

    GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 BIOS turbo ratio 4-core not setable? (i7-2600k)

    Hi there, I'm discovering the joy of speedstep, turbo boost and OC'ing. Too easy with the 10.7.4 updates! I've been toying around with the CPU and turbo ratio multipliers. I've noticed that the BIOS (F10) won't accept certain values by returning them to AUTO, most notably the 4-core turbo...
  10. dtrvndrn

    Is iStat the only program that monitors GPU temp?

    Hi, I've got an HD6870 in my mATX hack and I'd like to know how hot it gets under load. The case is quite cramped so perhaps I should do some extra ventilation efforts. Right now I've only found iStat Pro giving me GPU temps. atMonitor and Temperature Monitor don't. It's a pitty the latter...
  11. dtrvndrn

    PCIe USB2.0 card: no HD's or Flash memory

    Hi, I've got an issue with my Sonnet Tango 800 card. It's a PCI Express card with firewire 800 & USB2.0 ports. Firewire works fine. USB2.0 works with devices like mouses and MIDI controllers but my USB flash drive and USB HDD don't mount in Finder. System Profiler does list them. I tested the...
  12. dtrvndrn

    Sonnet Tango 800 PCIe: USB not working

    Hi, I've got the Sonnet Tango 800 PCIe card with FW800 and USB2.0 ports. FW800 seems to be working fine. USB is erratic though. Sometimes devices are reported, sometimes not, in System Profiler. Regardless, they don't work. Sometimes connecting a USB device causes a kernel panic. Any ideas or...