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  1. maltux1963

    Build guide direction.

    I would be interested in making a build guide for Catalina 10.15.6 using the ASUS H470-Prime motherboard but it does not use Unibeast or Multibeast. According to guidelines I need to use these tools but they have not been developed for 10th generation intel processors. I basically used the...
  2. maltux1963

    About this Mac - Catalina Mod

    Has anyone been able to mod this yet for Catalina? Mojave and earlier instructions will not work. I would like to change the picture like the one for Mojave. Thanks! .
  3. maltux1963

    USB --> RS 232 support for El Capitan

    When using the IDE to program my Arduino I cannot connect to the serial port. Possibly something to do with the csrutil kext? Any help would be appreciated. I updated my El Capitan install and ran Multibeast 8 a few minutes ago and so far everything works including iMessage. :ugeek: error code:
  4. maltux1963

    Gigabyte Z97-D3H - can not load any OSX

    I get as far as the boot loader does not matter what boot flags I use. Using an i5-4590. For a recommended board and cpu I am having a lot of issues. Followed all the suggestions in the forums and still no love. The system will crash after the missing Bluetooth message in verbose mode -...