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  1. holmstockd

    [SOLVED - USER ERROR] - HELP - lost here (6800XT - Blackscreen)

    No matter what I do, black screen when booting up to Big Sur 11.4 6800XT, Big Sur 11.4 Asus Prime Deluxe 2 intel 10980XE, 64 gigs ram, I am on - PRIME X299-DELUXE II 3301 Bios. I just cant get this stupid thing to not boot to a black screen, I tried AGPMOD=Pikera, AGPMOD=Ignore - just about...
  2. holmstockd

    Where to see the Nvidia updates I see someone mentioning that 2-3 weeks?
  3. holmstockd

    iMessage for NEW CLEAN Install of Yosemite

    I searched and searched this site and the web for a guide that will show how to use clover to make iMessage work for a clean install. Somethings about ROM and MLB that are needed from mavericks, Well i never used iMessage for mavericks and I use an iPhone now. I attempted to use the guide...