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  1. InsaneCultist

    Cattail Framebuffer Questions

    Hey all, I recently acquired a Dell Port Replicator for my two M6600s with Radeon 6970M graphics cards. I'm currently working on getting the port replicator running properly, and I'm looking for a way to attach more than 2 external monitors to my Precision. In theory, this should be possible...
  2. InsaneCultist

    [Guide] Dell Precision M6600 w/ FirePro M8900

    Dell Precision M6600 Device Specs: CPU: i7-2760QM @ 2.4GHz GPU: Dedicated AMD FirePro M8900 (Radeon 6970M) WiFi/BT: AzureWave Wireless AC & BT 4.0 mPCIe Card Device Specific Notes: Please note that this is the installation procedure for my Precision M6600, which includes an AMD FirePro M8900...
  3. InsaneCultist

    Power Management on a Dell Precision M6600

    [SOLVED] Power Management on a Dell Precision M6600 Hello Laptop Forum - After a snow day lurking and working, it's finally come time to ask for some assistance. I have successfully installed OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 on my Dell Precision M6600 using Legacy Clover, and I have just about everything...
  4. InsaneCultist

    IC's PowerMac G5 Redo

    Hello all - Many years ago, when I was first learning about computers, hacks, and case mods, I attempted to build my very first hack in a PowerMac G5 that I had been given. The machine was dead, and I remember stripping its guts out and making a valiant attempt to build a computer inside the...
  5. InsaneCultist

    Restore Yosemite Disk Utility on El Capitan

    The following guide is a culmination of various sources across the internet and results in a way to run the classic, Yosemite Disk Utility app under El Capitan. I did not come up with this method, but I figured I would share it here, as it has done wonders for me. You can read the original...
  6. InsaneCultist

    IC's Xserve G5 Coffee Table

    Well folks - this isn't necessarily a traditional mod as we've come to know here on the forums, but it does involve a computer and it does involve repurposing old hardware. A while back, I came to own a 2006 Xserve - wonderful piece of hardware. It runs my home server, Time Machine, VPN, etc...
  7. InsaneCultist

    Disable GPU via Clover or DSDT?

    Hey all - On one of my X58 towers (specs in signature), I am running a Radeon 6670 for graphics support under OS X. Recently, I have come to own a Radeon 6950, which I am using as a secondary card in this tower. However, due to the lack of drivers and issues with the 6950 under OS X, I cannot...
  8. InsaneCultist

    BCM94352Z In Stock on Amazon

    Hey all, Just wanted to let you guys know that it appears that Amazon suddenly has a stock of Broadcom BCM94352Z, which is the same wireless AC and Bluetooth 4.0 Combo card that we all know and love. The difference here is that this chip is in a NGFF M.2 form factor, which is great for many...
  9. InsaneCultist

    Bug Report: "GeForce" in All Graphics on User Builds

    Upon adding my fourth build to my signature, all graphics cards now have the prefix "GeForce" before them, regardless of manufacturer. You can probably see it in my signature, unless it fixes itself (in which case, disregard this bug report). "Intel HD 5000" is now listed as "GeForce HD 5000"...
  10. InsaneCultist

    [SUCCESS] IC's 2nd X58 Spare Parts Build - Asus P6X58D Premium - i7-930 - Radeon 6450 - 10.10.3

    Insane Cultist's 2nd Spare Parts X58 Build: Asus P6X58D Premium - i7-930 - Radeon 6670 - 10.10.5 Components (Components Purchased in Bundle) Intel Core i7-930 Bloomfield Quad Core Socket LGA1366 Processor
  11. InsaneCultist

    [SUCCESS] Insane Cultist's Spare Parts X58 Build: Asus P6X58D Premium - i7-950 - GTX 650 - 10.10.2

    Insane Cultist's Spare Parts X58 Build: Asus P6X58D Premium - i7-950 - GTX 650 - 10.10.2 Components (ALL Components "Already Owned") Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield Quad Core Socket LGA1366 Processor Asus P6X58D Premium...
  12. InsaneCultist

    MVC reports Titan X is fully functional with newest Web Driver

    Well, I just placed an order thanks to MacVidCards. Don't know how many of you guys are familiar with him, but he posted a thread this morning over on MacRumors to report that the Titan X works in OS X Yosemite with the newest Web Driver, on the latest public release (10.10.2 with both security...
  13. InsaneCultist

    [SUCCESS] Insane Cultist's X99 Workstation - GA-X99-UD4 - i7-5820K - 2x GTX 660 - 10.10.1

    [SUCCESS] Insane Cultist's X99 Workstation - GA-X99-UD4 - i7-5820K - 2x GTX 660 - 10.10.1 - 4K Display Insane Cultist's X99 Workstation: GA-X99-UD4 - i7-5820K - 16GB DDR4 - 2x GTX 660 Components Intel Core i7-5820K...
  14. InsaneCultist

    X99 Boot Issue with Clover

    Hi all, I'm unable to boot OS X via Clover on my GA-X99-UD4. I've done a standard UEFI install of Clover into the EFI partition of my OS X Yosemite install, and configured boot flags as: npci=0x2000, kext-dev-mode=1 (as required for my build.) I've replaced vboxhfs.efi with the HFSPlus.efi in...
  15. InsaneCultist

    IC's 20" iMac NUC Flowerpot

    Picked this guy up yesterday for $80 with some additional accessories. It's a 1.25GHz 20" iMac G4 USB 2.0, circa 2003. After reading about all the mods forum members have done, I have decided to go with a NUC, and per Ersterhernd's recommendations and testing, I have selected an Ivy Bridge i3...
  16. InsaneCultist

    NVIDIA Web Drivers for 10.9.x Mavericks Found!

    Hello all - Guys over on the Netkas forums have reverse engineered the NVIDIA Web Driver updater and acquired the package to 10.9.1 NVIDIA web drivers. Not sure if this link has been posted here already, or if NVIDIA will take this package down, but here it is. As always, these drivers are...
  17. InsaneCultist

    Mac Pro 3,1 GPU Upgrades?

    So, I've recently come to own a 2008 Quad Core Mac Pro, complete with a Radeon 2600 XT GPU, which is about on par with the Intel 4000 Graphics I have in my other desktop. I'm looking to upgrade the GPU, but I want something I can use in both machines. I've seen tutorials about flashing certain...
  18. InsaneCultist

    Best Graphics Card for Use with FCPX?

    Hello, all. Talking my friend out of buying an iMac for video editing, and I want to know what the best Graphics Card to use with Final Cut Pro X. I'll be going with a Haswell i7, and I would like a mid range graphics card with the best compatibility with FCPX. Thanks for the help. -IC