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  1. shyamlraj

    Hp 15 10th Gen Catalina Help

    Hi trying to install Catalina 10.15.7 on Hp 15 10th gen laptop. No Sucess. Please help. I followed laptop guide.
  2. shyamlraj

    << Solved >> High Sierra Stuck on i5 - 9600K

    i5 9600K B365m d3h gtx1050ti 16gb ram Trying to Install in this Config Couldn't Make it I have Attached the EFI and the Verbose Output of the Issue. I tried with many changes, but the issue is same. Please help to Solve it. and also if anyone has the same config , please provide the EFI. Thanks
  3. shyamlraj

    Hp ProBook 440 G4 Installation Support

    And finally i have completed the installation and mostly all works except WIFI, TRACKPAD , BATTERY INDICATOR AND HDMI. Anyone has succeeded in this configuration? Please help. I followed rehabman's laptop guide. As I'm not well in compiling Dsdt and asst i couldn't get it done. Help it to sort...
  4. shyamlraj

    HP PROBOOK 440 G4 Post installation Help

    I have completed the installation and almost everything works except WIFI, HDMI, TRACKPAD, Please help me to patch these . Thanks
  5. shyamlraj

    HP Probook 640 G1 External Display undetected

    After lots of complications, completed hackintoshing my HP Probook 640 G1 with Mojave. before, I tried with High Sierra too. Everything is ok except, bluetooth, wifi and EXTERNAL DISPLAY. I have tried much , but still failed mostly. I followed Rehabman's guide . I patched DSDT and SSDT. the...
  6. shyamlraj

    Sierra on 7th Gen CPU

    Processor: i5 7400 Graphics Card: Nvdia GT730 Motherboard: B250 D3H 16 gb RAM (8x2) Need Help on Installing Sierra on this Config. Tried some ways, but failed. first error: This MacOS is not supported on this platform. Second error: Hangs after apple logo black screen. any solutions , will...