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  1. kjbumbarger

    Sonnet GE1000LAB-E Presto Gigabit Ethernet card (DRIVER ON BUG REPORT WITH APPLE)

    The PDF on this site went away, I guess, but it was there yesterday. If you are running the card in the subject line, there is a note in the compatibility update for High Sierra that the card uses native drivers in macOS, and it is broken. In my build it shows no installed Ethernet cards. The...
  2. kjbumbarger

    Multi-Beast - How does it work when you run it a second time?

    Say i checked something off the first time i ran multibeast and I didn't check it off the second time. Does the original item remain installed from the first run? Thanks
  3. kjbumbarger

    New Install works well! Checklist of issues? One problem (so far).

    Hello everyone! First time poster. I built my system last night and installed mountain lion very easily. No hiccups :headbang:. See specs below. I have full audio, video, and network. Diablo 3 runs great! Sleep seems to work, however when i left it on overnight the screen was black and...