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  1. valvator

    [Solved] Public Beta 1 Disables WiFi & Bluetooth

    for me, everything works except Bluetooth with FV-HB1200, there were no problems, and it was known natively in Big Sur, is there any solution? thanks
  2. valvator

    SIP status: disabled (Apple Internal)

    So I'm trying to disable CSR on my OpenCore setup but can't, appears as: System Integrity Protection status: disabled (Apple Internal). I disabled sip in recovery: csrutil disable and csrutil authenticated-root disable, but without success. I tried rest to nvram it's weird on Hackintool show...
  3. valvator

    Big Sur Mount system read/write

    Mount -uw /Volumes/ no longer works in Big Sur, it was still possible in beta versions, but not in the final version, does anyone have any method?
  4. valvator

    [SOLVED] Big Sur Breaks Bluetooth Airpods / Headphones Connecting to mac

    So after updating to Big Sur, my Bluetooth Headphones won't connect to my mac. It let's me connect but after 5-10 seconds it just disconnects. This fixed it for me: "I could resolve this issue finally with removing additional audio plugins in the folder /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins."
  5. valvator

    Custom icons pack iConadams v2.0

    iConadams v2.0 for Catalina and above, Dark mode. The complete Flat iCons OS installer SIDEBAR -SYSTEM PREFERENCES - DOCK - APPLICATIONS - FILES The colors were specifically studied for a better visual confort in dark mode, optimizes for the 5k Retina Display screens.
  6. valvator

    macOS Catalina Protects the OS in its Own Read-only Volume

    macOS Catalina Protects the OS in its Own Read-only Volume, Custom icons are clearly broken.
  7. valvator

    10.14.4 Update Kext Help Needed

    My setup is very similar, which kext do you use? Thanks
  8. valvator

    Flat icons installers

    The complete files, installers and tutorial for replace the icons, compatible white Yosemite, El capitan and Sierra OS. iConadams has a range of icons with the perfect solution to create a fast, clean and organised desktop with a modern and pleasant design. These flat design icons are...