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  1. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    Hey peeps, I just updated my OSX Lion to the latest version, restarted, and now it gives me a KP right in the kisser. It looks like it is caused by intelcpupowermanagent. Specs: Asus Z77 Sabertooth + Intel Ivy i7-3770k (OC'ed) Mem: Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 16Gb HDD: Crucial M4 240Gb...
  2. IT07

    Need help copying working install to SSD

    Hi, I recently bought a SSD and tried to install osx 10.8 on it but I got KP's and stuff (appleintelcpupowermanagement) However, my previous install is working fine..... So, is there a way to easily make the new install on ssd working like it does on my old hdd? Maybe copy the extensions...
  3. IT07

    ATI HD6870 with Apple Cinema Display (Thunderbolt). Will it work on ML?

    Like the title says: will it work? I've read the ATI6000Controller.kext ML FIX INSIDE page, but somebody there was talking about something not working when chameleon gets restored to default...... I didn't understand anything of what he said, but it did put me to think before wasting 1150 coins...
  4. IT07

    OS X Mountain Lion is INSANELY slow, laggy and "crashes" to login screen

    hey all, Since Mountain Lion all i got is problems. My iHack is VERY slow, laggy (especially sometimes while typing) and it's startup time is insanely slow too. it takes about half a minute to shutdown, and about 20 seconds for the login screen to appear after the bootscreen with logo. And...
  5. IT07

    Strange NullCPUPowerManagement behavior

    [SOLVED] Strange NullCPUPowerManagement behavior hey all, I have installed Mountain Lion with multi beast 4.6.1 drivers; and I have to say: it works fine :D but sleep doesn't work with the patched NullCPUPowermanagement.kext. well, it works only one time... With Lion, sleep worked by...
  6. IT07

    OS X Lion is VERY SLOW on shutdown. (error log included)

    Hey guys, OS X Lion is INSANELY slow on shutdown. It takes like half a minute or longer to shutdown the frikkin thing :( here's the Console System.log at the time it was shutting down: 17:58:39 localhost Safari[582]: CGContextClipToRect: invalid context 0x0 17:59:16 localhost Safari[582]...
  7. IT07

    10.7.3 very slow

    Hey all, Since I have Mac OS X Lion 10.7 I have problems on performance. Startup is even slower then my Windows 7.... And shutdown is also very slow: about 12 seconds. it used to be 4.2 seconds on Snow Leopard! Any idea what could be the cause of this? Thanks anyhow. Grtz, IT07.
  8. IT07

    need some smart guy to give me the tip op the year [SOLVED]

    Hey guys, Recently I successfully installed OSX Lion on my Hackintosh. And at the same time I had Snow Leopard too. I still had that installation because that's the main OS where I do all the work on my website. The reason why I didn't switch yet was this little crappy problem: I have 2...
  9. IT07

    Is this going to work?

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if it's possible to run Mac OSX SL or OSX Lion on this configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 2300K GPU: ATI HD6450 Mobo: ASUS P8H61-M LAN: RealTek8111E Mem: 4GB DDR3-1333 HDD: 1TB Samsung HD103SI There are no other PCIe devices connected, so there shouldn't be any...
  10. IT07

    desktop hangs on Xmove

    Hey guys, Recently I tried to install Mac OS X Lion and it went all well until the point that Xmove moves all the files to the "installer" partition: Desktop freezes when Xmove is "running package scripts". Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks in advance. kind regards, IT07.
  11. IT07

    Creative SB 3D Alpha compatible? [SOLVED]

    Hey guys, At this moment, I have an Creative USB gaming headset that causes several problems. It is a bit difficult to explain, but I hope you can understand: My headset works perfectly until: 1. I change the volume while Premiere Pro is running. 2. I change input/output settings on the...
  12. IT07

    FakeSMC fail? [Solved]

    Hey guys, Just to ask very quickly: I've installed FakeSMC with iMac 12.2 definitions but in the system profiler window's top bar i see: "a name's" Mac Pro.... How's that? btw, I have an other little issue that needs a fix: that name that I mentioned earlier is a name I don't want it to be...
  13. IT07

    funny "complete installation Mac OSX" [Solved]

    Hey guys, I just couldn't stop laughing when I did a reboot after I installed Mac OS X 10.6.3 again. This is what happend: I got the very nice apple bootscreen after the 1 installation step, waited for OSX to boot; then I heard the music from the OSX welcome video, and then I heard a voice say...
  14. IT07

    Snow Leopard doesn't like the Lion i bought.

    Hey guys, Recently I had an fully working Hackintosh running on Snow Leopard version 10.6.8. BUT when my stupid ass got the idea to install Mac OS X Lion, things where starting to get really wrong: 1. I wasn't able to create an partition on the same disk where Mac OS X is on. 2. the Mac OS X...
  15. IT07

    Error when creating Mac OSX Journaled FS partition [SOLVED]

    Hey guys, Recently, I was preparing my Hackintosh for an Mac OSX Lion installation. I tried to make a 8GB install partition on the same disk where Mac OSX SL is on, But I got an error! The progressbar is bizzy for just a few seconds when this error comes up: Partition failed with the error...
  16. IT07

    Geekbench Score good?

    Hey guys, I've ran Geekbench on my i7 Hackintosh and I was wondering how good or bad the score is that I got... here's a screenshot of it: Thanks in advance! :thumbup: grtz, IT07
  17. IT07

    strange time set problem

    Hey guys, Since I have OSX SL installed on a seperate drive, I'm having problems with the time set on Windows 7 that is also installed on a seperate drive: The time clock in OSX is set to the right time, but the time in Windows isn't. It's set about 1hour earlier then the real time. My BIOS...
  18. IT07

    iPod Touch 4G screen damaged right out of the box

    Hey guys, A few weeks ago i bought the iPod Touch 4G and got some screen problems right out of the box. here's an example of it: I got back to the store where I bought it and I got a new one! :D :thumbup: Anyone got the same problem?
  19. IT07

    iOS 4.3.3. bug?

    Hey guys I hope that I'm putting up the right subject for this Forum section... anyways, I think that there's a bug in iOS 4.3.3: when playing music while adding a music track to an playlist, you can here an short crackle when selecting a music track from the tracklist. It might be that's not...
  20. IT07

    OSX hangs on MacFuse 2.0

    Hey guys, What's the problem when OSX hangs on MacFuse 2.0?? in verbose mode it doesn't go further then this line: starting MacFuse... When removing MacFuse it will boot again. Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.