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  1. RandomTech

    Vega 64 runs sometimes at high clocks on idle

    Hello community, with 10.14.1 Mojave I'm facing this problem sometimes when my trusty XFX Vega 64 runs at full clock speeds even on idle (not fan speed, clock speeds). Btw, not using any additional modified kexts for Vega, only the latest WEG+Lilu and as I said it happens sometimes not always...
  2. RandomTech

    Post Benchmarks for Vega

    Can you post benchmarks for Vega? anything possible.
  3. RandomTech

    APFS Not Fast

    Using 10.13 nearly a month on a separate apfs SSD, must say I'm not very impressed :( 1. Little bit slower than previous OS X with Samsung 850 EVO 500GB. 2. When I open a storage HDD/SSD window to see whats inside I see my folders normally as the size of the window, when I scroll down to see...
  4. RandomTech

    El Capitan and ScreenFlow on NVIDIA OpenCL issues.

    Well as the title says I have issues with El Capitan and two great apps I use a lot which both uses OpenCL and they are ScreenFlow and CyberLink Photo Director. I have searched a lot (A LOT) on the internet to find if other people are facing this problem but no one seem to have it so might be...