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  1. hitINdaGs

    4k UHD Problem

    Hey there, I have a problem wit my 4k display in combination with the Sapphire RT 5700xt. My mouse cursor freezes every 3 seconds. On DP it's not so bad but on HDMI it renders the system unusable. When I switch the monitor to DP1.1 instead of 1.2, the freeze is gone but I seem to get a general...
  2. hitINdaGs

    disabling iGPU

    I am running in a bit of trouble while trying to complete DISABLE my iGPU. I want OSX to use my dGPU for all tasks at hand. Reason ist that my INTEL HD4000 is pretty old and I want to use my brand new dGPU instead for all tasks at hand. Especially video encoding. I also get a little bit of a...
  3. hitINdaGs

    Multibeast 12

    It mentions in the changelog that Multibeast 12 will install all kexts to /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/ How about the library/extension folder? Shouldn't that be the better option?
  4. hitINdaGs

    Mouse LAG/FREEZE/HANG using new RT 5700 XT GPU

    I recently changed my GPU from a GTX 680 to a RT 5700 XT on Catalina 10.15.2. Performance is great, however my biggest concern is a lag/freeze/hang thingy that happens to my mouse. It cyclically freezes every 4 seconds for a short moment. USB doesn't seem to be the issue as it also happens on a...
  5. hitINdaGs

    Mouse freezes, Audio over Display Port

    I treated my system with a GPU update to the RX 5700xt. I managed to boot into the system just fine using the agdpmod=pikera boot argument. Two weird things are still happening: 1. SOME system sound would playback over the speakers of my monitor (like delete, empty trash) even when System Audio...
  6. hitINdaGs


    I am on Catalina and accidentally deleted my AppleHDA.kext. However, audio (external USB sound device) still seems to be working. I cannot put it back because I don't have the file and copying something to S/L/E doesn't seem to be easy these days. Help! :)
  7. hitINdaGs

    White Screen on Catalina

    I made a fresh install of Catalina on my old Hackintosh. My GPU is supposed to be natively supported. After I boot into the OS however, I get a white screen and a mouse arrow in the upper left corner. Nothing else. When I try to boot into safe mode, Clover tells me that the disk is not bootable...
  8. hitINdaGs

    High Sierra graphic glitches

    Hello! I recently upgraded to High Sierra - I know, a bit late in the game. I couldn't go to Mojave though as there doesn't seem to be an NVIDIA Web Driver available. Since the upgrade from Sierra I am experiencing glitches, for example in in the Dock the "New Messages" Badge from Mail is...
  9. hitINdaGs

    High Sierra Installation hangs

    Hi, I’m selecting the verbose mode to find out why my system is crashing on High Sierra installation coming from El Capitan. However, the log runs through so quickly that I can’t figure the problem out. Is there any logfile where that stuff is written to? Tried tomuse a camera but even for that...
  10. hitINdaGs

    eyeTV with choppy playback on ML

    Does anybody else experience choppy playback on eyeTV? EyeTV seems to skip 1-2 seconds of playback approx. every 30 seconds. It even happens when I playback stuff that wasn't recorded with my Hackintosh. When I export a recorded file to Quicktime, everything is working fine. So it must be a...