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  1. DennisM

    Guest Cube Project-First Timer

    I have modded two G5's in the past couple of years and thought I was finished modding until I started reading the G4 Cube threads. Well I got hooked real quick and started to look for justification to build one. I decided out guest bedroom needed a computer station for our guests and what...
  2. DennisM

    EVGA GT640-ML Boot Problem

    I have installed a new GT640 and now I can't get by white screen/Apple logo I have been running 10.8.2 with a GeoForce 9800GTX with no problems I tried Graphics Enabler=no-PCIRootUID=0 & 1 I also have a third HDD that I did a clean install of ML 10.8.2 and the GT 640 worked but when I...
  3. DennisM

    10.7.2 Hangs PCI Config Begin

    Combo Update-fails Software Update Fails Tried npci=0x2000 fails Multibeast 4.0.3 fails Tried direct download from App Store-fails(PCI_Hang) 10.7.1 running great any ideas Thanks
  4. DennisM

    10.7.2 Hangs at Apple Logo

    Ok so I have 10.7.1 running fine. I tried to update both ways to 10.7.2 (combo as well as software update) Both times I hang at Apple Logo. -v I get PCI Config I also fail Multibeast 4.0.3 Help? Please Thanks
  5. DennisM

    Stuck on apple white screen after update

    Updated successfully but upon reboot stuck on apple screen Help please
  6. DennisM

    10.6.6 Help ALC 882 Audio

    I have 10.6.6 working fine except no audio. Have run AppleHDA rollback with no luck. Have not tried any voodoo kexts yet ? No audio hardware detected in preferences Easybeast + kexts for graphics and network both worked fine Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 2.13ghz Asus P5BW-LA Realtek ALC 882 chipset...
  7. DennisM

    GA-P55-UD3R Sleep

    Hello This is my first post. I have a up and running system with the following GA-P55-UD3R I7 860 8GB G Skill Ram Nvidia 9800GT 2 HD (Win 7) (Snow Leopard) I have used the DSDT from the guide "Enable Sleep On P55 Motherboards" I can put the system in sleep from the drop down menu manually...