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  1. DapperDuck

    [Mojave] AMD & Nvidia GPU next to each other

    Hi folks, I already got a perfect system up and running. I currently have the RX 580 but want to place a 1070Ti next to it for some extra gaming in Windows. However, is it even posssible to have an AMD and Nvidia GPU in the pc at the same time? And can I still safely boot into MacOS with...
  2. DapperDuck

    Login windows glitches

    Hi all, Recently I experience problems when booting up my Hackintosh and getting it to log in. It's as if my Nvidia webdrivers don't work anymore. Please see my attached image. I have to reboot the pc multiple times for it to go away. Very, very odd if you ask me. If I need to attach my...
  3. DapperDuck

    USB drives getting ejected when Hackintosh wakes from sleep with XMP enabled

    So I have this weird problem where my USB drives are getting eject when my Hack gets waked from sleep. It only happens when XMP profile is set to 1 in my Gigabyte bios. Clover has XMP set to auto detect. System: i7-8700-K Gigabyte Aorus ultimate gaming 16GB Corsair Vengeance memory DDR4...
  4. DapperDuck

    [Solved] How can I fix my messed-up Clover boot menu?

    Hi all, I've just did the direct upgrade from Sierra to High Sierra and now my Clover boot menu is messed up. The icons for my MacOS HDD's are invisible and they both have this "internal_hfs" text above them. Someone help me out please. I've never encountered this issue before.
  5. DapperDuck

    Apple HDD's icons disappeared and say internal_hfs after High Sierra upgrade

    I just did a direct upgrade to HS and it messed my Clover bootmenu up. Icons for my Mac OS and Recovery partitions are gone and instead say internal_hfs. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  6. DapperDuck

    Asus Maximus VII Hero sleep/CPU power problems

    Hi dear TonyMac users, It has been quite sometime since I started Hackintosh'ing. A year or 2 I gave up on an older build. But that build wasn't 100% compatible so. 2 years ago I bought this setup I currently use and just for fun I Googled if my motherboard was Hackintosh compatible and yes...
  7. DapperDuck

    ASUS Maximus VII Hero no sound

    Hello everybody, I have succesfully installed Yosemite on my pc, but I cannot seem to get the audio to work. As the topic title says, I have a Asus Maximus VII hero mobo. Already tried installing ALC1150 and the 9series patch but no luck. Does anybody have any tips..?
  8. DapperDuck

    Which motherboard for my soon-to-be Hackintosh?

    Greetings, Earlier this year I tried to hackintosh my current pc. Everything was working fine except for the sleep/wake function. I couldn't resolve the issue which was mainly the problem of my pc having an unsupported Asus mobo (B85ME). I want to upgrade my pc in a few weeks/months from...
  9. DapperDuck

    90% system functionality! Sleep not working!

    Hello dear users, My Hack Pro is done for like 90%. However, I can't get sleep working. I really don't know how to fix it on my Asus Hackintosh. Specs: i5 4670K gtx 780 12GB ram Asus B85M-E mobo I tried installing SleepEnabler using kext wizard but that resulted in a kernel panic when booting...
  10. DapperDuck

    Cannot boot from SSD

    Greetings, I have installed Mavericks on my PC. There is, however, one thing that frustrates me other than sleep not working: I cannot boot from my SSD without Unibeast. I have two drives in my Hack. A 120Gb SSD wich functions as my boot drive for OSX and some main programs. The second drive...
  11. DapperDuck

    ASUS K65CB Black screen after Apple logo (unibeast)

    (As this is for a laptop... I hope I'm in the right place for this) Hello dear Hackintoshers, I want to Hack my Asus K65CB laptop. However, I have this strange issue that when the Apple bootscreen has finished loading, my laptop screen goes black. I already have tried booting with bootflags...