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  1. rainfactor

    BigSur iMessage stopped working

    ***Update*** My friend decided to call Apple directly 1st rep was clueless and said to create another admin account and restart. And that was it.End of the call Apple called my friend after maybe 10 mins and a much more knowledgeable rep took the time to check things on their end and as well...
  2. rainfactor

    BigSur iMessage stopped working

    Thank you. All the SSDTs are accounted for :). It boggles my mind
  3. rainfactor

    BigSur iMessage stopped working

    Hello I have upgraded one of my friends Catalina rig to BigSur with OC 0.63. I pretty much gathered all the up to date files(drivers,kexts) and made sure the config.plist matches the 0.63 requirements Everything went well and everything is working perfectly with the exception of...
  4. rainfactor

    macOS 11.0 Big Sur is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Tried first with OC 0.62 which I have been using successfully for a while.Nope. Spawned all kinds of errors.Tried with a test USB with 0.63 Nope different errors. Fiddled with it for some time but after I read from various sources it seems to be in the very early stages. Some things are broken...
  5. rainfactor

    Ethernet only Imessage?

    @jaymonkey Appreciate the input. I can continue the tshooting :) I did follow the guides(including the eth0 piece) and I am probably missing something. I will start from scratch and see how it goes. The only part that I might have done wrong was to do all the steps in one shot without...
  6. rainfactor

    Ethernet only Imessage?

    Hello, I know this subject has been beaten to death but I'm only interested to know if Imessage will work only on Ethernet. Don't need Airdrop etc I am trying to build a new computer for a friend and it doesn't have WIFI or Btooth Followed to the dot the Imessge guides from here with no success...
  7. rainfactor

    macOS 10.15.4 Supplemental Update

    I am on OC not Clover.And mine was not successful It keeps looping. Picked the update installer from the menu, goes to install ETA 20mins then reboots then I chose again the installer....and.... I kept going like this until I gave up and it finally booted back into the OS with nothing done.
  8. rainfactor

    Spotlight indexing a network drive

    Hello, Not sure if this is the right place but moderators please move wherever you think might be appropriate. I have a Synology NAS and and I am mounting one of the volumes on my Mac. For the life of me I cannot get it to be indexed in Spotlight. I disabled the SMB share and doing it only...
  9. rainfactor

    *For moderators*

    I have posted in the catalina desktop support section and my post was removed and mentioned "create a new thread in the desktop support " I am confused as THAT is the desktop support Kindly check it and advise. I cannot see any other "desktop support" PS: If I follow the link from the "Desktop...
  10. rainfactor

    Сustomization FaceTime, iMessage, Handoff....

    @esafeddie I always wanted to try OpenCore and with the new 10.15.3 update I bit the bullet and did a fresh reinstall. I can afford to bork it because I have a spare machine. It works now flawlessly with SMS and all.
  11. rainfactor

    Сustomization FaceTime, iMessage, Handoff....

    Thank you for all your advice, really appreciate it :). Kinda ran out of options here, I am positive is a little thing that either got corrupted (somehow) or it is simple one of those weird Apple quirks. I have tried everything you have suggested. Removed my Mac from the Icloud signed off on...
  12. rainfactor

    Сustomization FaceTime, iMessage, Handoff....

    The serial number appears to be ok and consistent across the board. The only thing that I'm not sure of is the way that everymac shows the info (see below) . Doesn't appear to recognize it fully as it doesn't show the specs Not sure if it's relevant. What drives me nuts is that I had working...
  13. rainfactor

    Сustomization FaceTime, iMessage, Handoff....

    I just did a fresh install of Catalina. Took a while :) but I have everything working well.I think.... Got a Fenvi T919 WIFI card that was listed as being compatible and it worked out of the box with Imessage and the rest. I was able to send Imessages and non Imessages directly from the...
  14. rainfactor

    Catalina asking for Mojave update

    I have updated to Catalina a friend's computer and now it's stuck with this Mojave update that never goes through and is annoying :mad: The update went through fine and I confirmed it's on Catalina. Aside from reinstalling it from scratch which I am not too crazy to do it, does anyone have an...
  15. rainfactor

    macOS 10.15.1 Update

    Went all smooth. Updated as recommended WG to 1.3.4 Everything working. Don't care much about Siri and all the iMessages updates as I don't have an iPhone and don't use that feature.
  16. rainfactor

    macOS 10.15 Catalina is Now Available on the Mac App Store

    Went smooth. Everything working well. Upgraded from Mojave.
  17. rainfactor

    Screens go black randomly

    Hello Recently I started to experience this weird issue. Both of my screens go black and the only way to get them back would be restarting the machine. Not sure but Istats shows high load on the VGA.Not sure if that's normal and wondering if that causes this weird issue Not sure either where to...
  18. rainfactor

    macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update

    So far it's been working perfectly and like everyone said it seems more responsive and stable (could be placebo :)). The only kink is that I have discovered I lost 2 USB3 from the front of the case.
  19. rainfactor

    macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update

    Updated along with Lilu and WEG and YES no more purple lines at boot :clap::clap:. However cannot update Clover to 5045 for the life of me. Said it's been updated but boots into the old one
  20. rainfactor

    FC beachballing after few mins

    Hello, I know this topic has been hammered to death and I have read lots of threads and various fixes here that unfortunately didn't help me. I am starting my FC and few mins into it I will get the beachball spinning and will freeze the whole computer leading to a hard reset in order to be able...