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  1. shegeloaf

    Restart After Wake-from-Sleep

    @frontgear - SOLVED. It was my USB 3.1 port that had an issue. I just removed my device from there and placed in in my usb 3.0 port and sleep/wake and shutdown problems are all solved. I also deleted the files in /Library/Preferences/ (apple generates new ones after a...
  2. shegeloaf

    High Sierra Kernel Panic - Help

    Thank you all in advance for your help. I seriously need help to figure out kernel panic. I had made a USB install of OS X 10.13 High Sierra. Installed latest cloverv2.4k_r4233. and added below to clover/kexts/other -78938-NullCPUPowerManagement-1.0.0d2.kext -FakeSMC v6.21-311-g2958f55.1723...
  3. shegeloaf

    Kernel Panic after 10.12.2 update on skyline 6700k

    I get kernel panic after upgrading to sierra 10.12.2. I have copied over my usb clover folders to the HDD edition partition. What is causing this error?