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  1. nicolasd

    [Success] - Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming + i9 10900K + OpenCore

    Hi @scope666 ! Thanks for your post, I jumped back into the hackintosh band wagon with the same build as yours and widely took inspiration from this thread to set it up. Almost everything works to the perfection ! I'll make another thread with details soon. I bought a dedicated...
  2. nicolasd

    ASUS Prime Z490-A, Intel Core i9-10850K, 64GB RAM, RX 5700 XT GPU

    Hi and thanks for your detailed guide ! I’m about to pull the trigger for this exact similar build but I still have some un answered question : - Did you get continuity/handoff working ? I’m planning to actively use sidecar app with my iPad Pro Anybody with similar specs could let me know...
  3. nicolasd

    HD630 KabyLake no Acceleration + color glitches -> 7700k z270 HD630

    Sorry for that, I used Sierra some times ago with the 1080 and did not modify my build signature, my bad :crazy: I'm fixing this right now
  4. nicolasd

    HD630 KabyLake no Acceleration + color glitches -> 7700k z270 HD630

    Yeah saw that. At the moment I'm only using the integrated GPU and I'm planning on getting a Radeon if that is the only remaining issue. I may precise that the 1080 is removed from build when booting Mac is
  5. nicolasd

    HD630 KabyLake no Acceleration + color glitches -> 7700k z270 HD630

    Hi I'm writing this post from my new hackintosh installation (thanks running Catalina 10.15.6 installed with the laster unibeast. I installed WhateverGreen and Lilu kexts, but I'm still not having graphics acceleration (sloppy animations) and mostly color shifting (my finder...
  6. nicolasd

    << Solved >> Stuck at AppleFSCompressionTypeDataLess kmod start ; z270 7700k igpu

    Updated my BIOS, now it goes way further into the booting process. Luckily, I made it to the GUI part of Catalina installation :wave:
  7. nicolasd

    << Solved >> Stuck at AppleFSCompressionTypeDataLess kmod start ; z270 7700k igpu

    Hi ladies and gentlemen, May I ask for some helpe concerning my hackintosh attempt. I used the lastest versions of unibeast (10.3.0), mac os catalina and created the USB key with default settings everywhere. After solving some other issues, I managed to get to the line ...
  8. nicolasd

    Installation stuck at dlil_init

    Any chance to get the "solution" ?
  9. nicolasd

    APFS_Module_Start: 1689 panic

    Nevermind, I finally managed to get my iMac up for just the amount of time needed to copy the file on the EFI partition. Thanks !
  10. nicolasd

    APFS_Module_Start: 1689 panic

    Any chance to get the job done by using linux ?
  11. nicolasd

    APFS_Module_Start: 1689 panic

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, looks like my old iMac definitely died after creating the unibeast USB key :( I'm trying to get a workaround on windows without any success. I found some tools to mount EFI partitions, but no EFI partitions are detected from the unibeast key. Am I...
  12. nicolasd

    APFS_Module_Start: 1689 panic

    Hi, Dumb question, how am I supposed to copy the file on the "EFI" volume ? I can't see/mount it on either macOS or windows :/
  13. nicolasd

    APFS_Module_Start: 1689 panic

    Hi ! Same issue here. Am I supposed to have an EFI volume on my USB catalina installer ? I made it with unibeast but cant find any EFI volume or folder to copy the file. I'm referring to this path : /EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched Thanks
  14. nicolasd

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    Hi Hi ! Sorry for being late, I lost my tonymacx log in :) Nop sorry, even if the worked not that bad, I let my thunderbolt apolo go and switched to an apogee duet USB to avoid thunderbolt since it's not the most mature hackintosh friendly technology. Hope you'll get your setup to rock :)
  15. nicolasd

    GTX 1080 + AMD7870 : 1080 preventing from booting when both plugged

    Hi ! I've been struggling with my hackintosh build for some time and did not manage to find full answers thru my long forum researches. Let's hope some of you guys might be able to ligthen up my dark path to a steady build :) Since I own a gtx 1080, and considering the fact that it may not...
  16. nicolasd

    Motherboard advice for Intel Core i7 6700K w/ dual GPU support

    Hi ! I'm in the same case : 1080 + old AMD mac friendly. Did you manage to get all this to work well ?
  17. nicolasd

    [SOLVED] Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080/1070

    Hi guys ! I've got my hands on a 1080 for my hackintosh. Has it seems nvidia pascal web drivers may not released soon (or one day), I was wondering about workarounds to be able to use my hackintosh : -Would it be possible to use the integrated intel GPU for mac os ? I'm a bit lost with boot...
  18. nicolasd

    bootloader (clover) not showing up anymore even when only mac os disk plugged

    Hi guys ! I've been running my recent El capitan build pretty smoothly for 2 or 3 months, with win10 dual boot. I can't remember doing anything special except some windows updates, and now the bootloader won't show up. I tried unplugging windows disk, leaving only mac os disk plugged, but...
  19. nicolasd

    Universal Audio Apollo Twin Thunderbolt on Hackintosh

    Hi ! I just got a new build based on the z87x ud7 th mobo, and it's been pretty easy to set up as the thunderbolt almost worked out of the box. I'm using the last el capitan os version. The only issue I'm working on is that, on the first boot, the apollo twin is detected by the system manager...