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  1. sirretv

    Windows only boots from Clover USB stick?

    So I used to run chimera on my Ga-Z77X-UD5H build. I had OSX installed on my SSD and Windows 8 on a HDD. However, when I switched to clover to fix the iMessege issue, I can't seem to boot from the windows partition. Nevertheless, when I boot from my Clover USB and then pick the windows HDD in...
  2. sirretv

    Computer turns off and then on.

    Sometimes when I boot my computer I hear the fans start spinning and the power LED on the chassi turns on. Then the machine turns off and on again and boots normally. Why?
  3. sirretv

    Ssdt needed?

    If i overclock and only change the turbo ratios. Do I need an SSDT. Look in sig for info!
  4. sirretv

    Fractal Mod

    Looking to mod my fractal design define XL R2 to give it a window! What do you think? Any help?
  5. sirretv

    HDD win8 Boot Drive for OsX storage!?

    Is this possible? To clearify I want to use a hdd for windows boot driva and osx + windows storage? Is thr format compatible??
  6. sirretv

    GTX 680 Super Overcloked low performance openGL?

    My brand new card only scores 43 FPS in cinebench? Why? I've seen people with 53 with worse nvidea cards?
  7. sirretv

    Sirre's Build - Core i7-3770K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 8GB RAM - HD4000 + (Soon will be added) GeForce GTX 7

    [SUCCESS] Sirre's Build - Core i7-3770K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 8GB RAM - HD4000 + (Soon will be added) GeForce GTX 770 Sirre's Build - Core i7-3770K - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 8GB RAM - HD4000 + (Soon will be added) GEForce GTX 770 Components Apple OS X Mountain Lion @ Mac Apps Store...
  8. sirretv

    Gigabyte Z87 Chipset Haswell with Thunderbolt

    Will you use it? What do you guys think? :) I am almost sure i will! Can't wait to get my hands on new hardware! What are your opinions on thunderbolt? Me, personally I have never used it! But from what I've heard it sounds great! :thumbup:
  9. sirretv

    Ga-z77x-ud5h broken?

    Has any one felt like they broke the motherboard while installing it into the case? I think i heard it flex and one time it made a strange almost crack noice! Have not yet installed psu! So cannot test it! I have the ga-z77x-ud5h
  10. sirretv

    HDMI and BIOS question: and a TV

    Hey guys! Whats up? Enjoying summer? I am! Just got a lot of my stuff for my Hackintosh! Just waiting for the PSU! BTW Do you guys think that the Corsair TX650M would have long enough cables for the Fractal Design Define XL R2? :crazy: Anyways to the point: I have everything but not a monitor...
  11. sirretv

    Power Supply and case!

    My components: Motherboard GA-Z77X-UD5H CPU- I7 3770K SSD - Kingston v300 Ram - 8GB 1600 mhz Corsair vengeance PSU- Fractial Design integra r2 750W Case- Fractial Design xl r2 GPU . Evga Geforce GTX 670 FTW 2GB Will power supply be enough? Does anyone recommend another power supply with this case?
  12. sirretv

    EIST and CPU PLl Voltage

    Looking to release the beast! Could someone explain this to me? And speedsteo with eist?
  13. sirretv

    Steve Jobs movie

    Did you guys see the new trailer? If not you can find it here!
  14. sirretv

    GA-Z77X-UD5H Audio rev 1.0

    I just got this motherboard and I am very happy. I am still waiting for my other components though. Now i have heard that this motherboard rev 1.0 has a big audio bug! What can I do?
  15. sirretv

    Ga-z77x-ud5h audio problem can be fixes with usb speakers?

    Ga-z77x-ud5h audio problem can be fixed with usb speakers? Ok, guys! I want to go straight to the point. There has been a lot of discussion about the ga-z77x-ud5h mobo and the green jack not working. Well if I buy USB speakers would that work? :):)
  16. sirretv

    Ivy bridge processor iBoot or just Unibeast?

    I know this might sound really stupid of me. I am very sorry about that. I apologize for that, as I am a beginner to these kind of things. Any ways let's get straight to the point without me babbling about useless things! I own a legit iMac 27" middle 2011. I have access to both app store to...
  17. sirretv

    Will this work and if so will it be hard?

    Hey guys i'm very new to the hackintosh community! I have done some research and have now found some components that i think will run flawlessly on my build? All I need is you guys to comment and tell me if i did any thing wrong because of course i'm a noob at this and don't know what i'm really...