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  1. Zenko

    How-To Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle [guide]

    Laird BT851 working on my Hackintosh running Catalina 10.15.7, Bluetooth keyboard (NuPhy NUTYPE F1) connects! Initially, the dongle wasn't reading my Bluetooth keyboard so I tried moving it to different USB ports, and still didn't work. What I end up doing is connecting my Asus BT400 dongle and...
  2. Zenko

    Clover bootloader screen resolution

    Finally loading Clover on 4k resolution! For me all I had to do is disabled CSM and change clover boot resolution. On secure boot the only two options I got is Windows UEFI and Other OS, tried windows UEFI and didn't work so went back to Other OS and everything is working perfectly.
  3. Zenko

    macOS 10.13.4 Update

    I can confirm this is working on my system with the latest nvidia web drivers. My steps 1. Installed update from app store 2. Boot into "install mac OS on..." not normal boot drive (I manual boot from clover, don't ask why :P) 3. Restart and boot again from "install mac OS on..." 4. Once...
  4. Zenko

    Mobile font styling

    Should have posted my specs, apologies for that. Phone Model: Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950U OS: Android 7.1.1 Mobile Browser: Google Chrome 65.0.3325.109
  5. Zenko

    nvidia-update - Simple way to install nVidia web drivers

    No problemo. @AntoneWTR how is 161? any difference from previous versions? and what OS version you running? I'm thinking of updating to the latest OS and possible nvidia drivers but I'm scared of lag :/
  6. Zenko

    nvidia-update - Simple way to install nVidia web drivers

    For those experiencing lag issues on your browsers, disable hardware acceleration. I do agree some of the UI animations aren't buttery smooth but this can also depend on your hardware, for my setup it's working fine.
  7. Zenko

    Clover does not show High Sierra boot partition

    @bartrap Check your EFI partition boot path, make sure is set to CLOVER folder. I had the same problem as you, below is what worked for me. Hopefully you have another machine or windows to check for these. I was having the same issue, woke up this morning to find my Mac OS hard drive was gone...
  8. Zenko

    Mobile font styling

    Hello, On Mobile, forum default text is hard to read. The font weight is too thin, the font size could be bigger but the thiness makes it hard to read long walls of text. Just an observation, not the end of the world but something that might help those on the go or those that wake up at 5am to...
  9. Zenko

    nvidia-update - Simple way to install nVidia web drivers

    Works! NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 8 GB
  10. Zenko

    Laggy Windows/UI after updating to High Sierra 10.13.3 with nVidia card

    This worked for me! NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 LG 4k Monitor Resolution: 3360 x 1890 @ 60 Hz Smooth, thank you!