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  1. justr

    Windforce R9 290 3X OC + 10.11.2

    I have thus far been unable to get the following setup-- which worked perfectly with an ATI 5770 previously-- to work with my new (to me) Windforce R9 290 3X OC 4GB in El Capitan 10.11.2. I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out. I've tried many variations of spoofing R9 290X ID, FB...
  2. justr

    X58 and OS X El Capitan? (X58A-UD3r)

    X58 and OS X El Capitan? (X58A-UD3r + others) Has anyone had success? Tony posted in the main El Capitan thread that X58 users should stay on Yosemite for the time being, but I must not be the only one hoping to get on the latest release of OS X relatively soon. After all, those of us who...
  3. justr

    X58 + L5639 = 6 cores cheap and fast

    Hi folks, I've been here for a long time, but recently I've been pretty quiet. This is just a quick heads up thread for any of you still hanging on to x58/LGA 1366 platform systems (i7-9xx): many of these systems can take a Xeon L5639, which is a 6 core low wattage server chip, with few or no...
  4. justr

    No ACD 27 Audio after update?!

    Ok, this is a baffling one to me-- any suggestions would be great. My primary system install was updated to Mavericks using the Unibeast method, and there are a few strange thinks-- but most important of all is that I cannot get Display Audio to work in my ACD 27-inch LED model. And I can't...
  5. justr

    Lion = Faster Boot?

    I've seen some posts that Lion boot time has gotten longer for some folks-- but one of the things I've noticed is that Lion feels (subjectively, at least) to boot much quicker for me than Snow Leopard. I'm wondering what everyone else's experience has been?
  6. justr

    Entitled Attitudes

    Forgive me if this is the wrong section of the forum. <rant> Am I the only one who feels like there's been a spate of folks registering, and then posting the kind of stuff that an unhappy/frustrated CONSUMER would write to a company whose product they purchased but can't get working? Stuff...
  7. justr

    Crossfire 5770-- will OS X just ignore the second card?

    Hi Folks, I've searched, but been unable to find any information on this. I know that OS X won't support Crossfired GPUs-- but I'm wondering whether I could set up the crossfire bridge on two cards, leave it on even when I'm using OS X (which I assume would only see the card my monitor is...
  8. justr

    Take out 5770 put in different model 5770: Multibeast?

    Hi Folks, This is probably a stupid question. Can I turn off my machine, take out my Gigabyte "Batmobile" 5770, put in my new (here tomorrow) XFX 5770 single-slot, and just start up like normal-- or do I need to re-run multibeast? The only reason I'm doing this is that I've heard from a number...
  9. justr

    GA-X58A-UD3R Overvoltage, not booting.

    Have you overclocked/changed voltages in BIOS? You could reset the BIOS, and set a few voltages and timings manually... to at least nail down what's going on voltage/frequency wise.
  10. justr

    GSkill SSD install using OSInstall.mkpg (Retail Disc)

    Note: This install is for people who already have a working system-- and uses a retail install disc and the iBoot + Multibeast method. If I have posted this in the wrong area, I apologize to the mod whose work I've added to in the process! Note 2: This is just to describe an overview of the...
  11. justr

    Gigabyte ON-OFF charge for Hackintosh?

    The title says it all, has anyone enabled Gigabyte ON-OFF charge on their hackintosh? I'm using my sig build, wondering if I could find a way to turn on this feature. The gigabyte driver installer says it only supports windows-- but I wonder about this since the whole point is for this feature...
  12. justr

    OS X Temp monitoring accuracy?

    I am not confident that i) I'm going about monitoring my temps in OS X properly, and ii) that monitoring temps in OS X is accurate even if it is done properly. Q 1: Am I monitoring properly in OS X? I installed, using Multibeast 3.1, fakeSMC and fakeSMC plugins. I also installed iStat Menus...
  13. justr

    Mac Pro 3,1 or 4,1 or 5,1 or ...?

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong place (feel free to move), or if this question has been asked and answered before (I haven't had luck searching here or in the wilds). I'm wondering what people's experiences are using Mac Pro 3,1 or 4,1 or any other in Multibeast? I'm currently set at 3,1...
  14. justr

    Sony Optiarc AD-7241s-OB ... Will it break Sleep?

    Simple question, I'm hoping: Will the Sony Optiarc 7241s prevent a hackintosh (Customac Pro: i7-950/GA-X58A-UD3R) from sleeping/waking from sleep? The wiki says that the 7240s and 7260s will both work perfectly-- but I can't find any info on the 7241s. Can anyone help me answer this question?