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  1. applebenny

    Post Your Dock

  2. applebenny

    Clover Configurator destroys my config

    thank you very much. now i see "the fixes" you are talking about :D
  3. applebenny

    Clover Configurator destroys my config

    Hi! :-) Thanks for your help, but the fixed plist is also not working, same problem. I replaced the smbios in the original plist with the new generated smbios with textwrangler, and then it works. why change the serial number anyhow? i thought it's not so pretty if anyone use the same serial...
  4. applebenny

    Clover Configurator destroys my config

    Hey :) Did a fresh install of High Sierra on my SSD with HFS, installed the newest Multibeast-Tools and anything is working so far. To generate a new serial number, and disable "legacy" in the boot section, I edited my config with cc, and saved it. But after that, my PC won't boot anymore. I...
  5. applebenny

    Anybody Notice Any Performance Loss on High Sierra?

    same problem here with chrome. but it's the only thing i noticed until now.
  6. applebenny

    List of GPUs with native support

    Hi, is there any List of GPUs native supported by MacOS? I'm searching for a GPU with DisplayPort for a 4k Monitor, and without the need to install GPU Drivers. After my Nvidia Geforce 770 died, i have problems with the 1050ti and the web drivers. Thanks! :-)
  7. applebenny

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 (378.05.05.25)

    Still have problems with my 1050ti. Glitches at Menu Bar and Scroll Bar, for example. 2 Solutions: Run 10.12.4, or run 10.12.6 with the web drivers of 10.12.4 and edit info.plist. Never backed up and restored as many as the last weeks ^^
  8. applebenny

    Lag after idle/screen sleep - Nvidia 1080

    same issue here with 1050ti
  9. applebenny

    UniBeast: Install macOS Sierra on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    stupid question: how can I create a UniBeast USB-Stick with 10.12.4? can't get the older version in the app store, but want to "downgrade" from 10.12.5....
  10. applebenny

    Screensaver very slow, slows down PC when it wakes

    Same here. My litte Wordaround: Install the "SaveHollywood"-Screensaver und let it play some HD Content, for example stuff downloaded from youtube. After wake, I can use the machine without any problem. But I still have the problem that the system chrashs, sound is stuttering, display gets dark...
  11. applebenny

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (378.05.05.15)

    Try this:
  12. applebenny

    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    I found some interesting information here:
  13. applebenny

    Post Your Network Speeds - Download/Upload

    Schweinfurt, Germany, paying for 200 down/12 up, 40 Euro per Month
  14. applebenny

    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    Hi, I did not install NvidiaGraphicsFixup or AGPDFIX. I used 10.12.4 with my geforce 770. This card died, then I installed the 1050ti and it worked. After reinstalling 10.12.4 and the old Nvidia drivers, I had the same issues... no idea what the problem is...
  15. applebenny

    macOS 10.12.5 Update

    Had issues with the nvidia web drivers (1050ti). Frozen by longer inactivity. Then my audio drivers made problems (ALC892). Reinstalled Sierra with 10.12.4 combo update and the "old" nvidia web drivers.
  16. applebenny

    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    Hello, I use an asus pb278q 4k Display in combination with my Nvidia GTX 770 4 GB Phantom. First, I owned a Macbook Pro Retina, but I "converted" it to a 4k Hackintosh.
  17. applebenny

    Geforce 670 isn't working on 10.8.3

    Hi, i used my Hackintosh some months without problems with 10.8.2 After an Update to 10.8.3 my Geforce 670 isn't working. I can only boot in safe mode. If i boot, the apple logo appears and the weel is spinning in an endless loop. I did a clean install of 10.8.3 but it doesn't solve the...
  18. applebenny

    Palit Jetstream 660TI/670

    Hi, I have a running Hackintosh here, with mini-itx board, intel 3570k, bitfenix prodigy, intel hd 4000. everything is working so far. :headbang: I saw the Kepler Graphics as Recommendation on the Hackintosh Builds. My Question is, does it matter, if I buy a Geforce GTX 660TI/670 from EVGA or...