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  1. Piero512

    Bluetooth broken after wake from sleep

    Hey. I've been fighting this thing all weekend, but to no avail. I recently bought a bcm94352z which I've been fighting to keep my bluetooth working. Maybe I have missed something, but it breaks after wake up from sleep only when on battery power. Attaching prfs.
  2. Piero512

    HP 240 G5 Shutdown problem

    As I said: When I turn off the computer (via Shut down in apple menu), the computer stays on and when I'm booting verbose and shut down the computer it says "unmount initiated on Mac HD" and then appears CPU halted, turns off the screen and the fans keep running, with both power and HDD activity...
  3. Piero512

    HP 240 G5 Brightness keys not working with ELAN driver.

    Well, I've been trying to get as much functionality as possible on my laptop, but there's some bugs I still need to iron out. I'll add my two systems later in the signature + profile. I have a HP 240 G5 - Intel Core i5-6200U, with Intel HD 520, 1TB disk, 4GB ram (please send me 2x8gb sticks...
  4. Piero512

    [Success] ASUS H110M-A | i5 6400 | 10.11.6

    Piero512's Build: ASUS H110M-A - i5-6400 - GT 730 Components ASUS H110M-A LGA 1151 MicroATX Intel Core i5 6400 6MB SmartCache...
  5. Piero512

    Unable to activate NVIDIA GPU

    Hi. I'm new here but fascinated as always My problem is, that my hackingtosh won't boot without nv_disable=1. I tried to install the NVIDIA Web drivers but to no avail. (I really need GPU acceleration) This is my setup Asus H110M-A Motherboard Intel H110 Chipset Intel Core i5 6440 2,7 Asus GT...