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  1. Khan

    Graphic Card Video

    Do not know if it it ok to post this link here but found it fun to watch : Feel free to delete.
  2. Khan

    UniBeast does not allow to select destination

    Unibeast does not allow me to select destination. Tried with two different USB flash drives and get the same error. Keeps asking to rescan but never finds the USB. Thanks!
  3. Khan


    Here is a DSDT for ASUS P8H61-M PRO BIOS 1201_modified with edits for HDMI using HD3000 graphics on a I5 2500k. It is also edited for sleep and also for non OC pSteps. I get 5 steps using Macmini definition. Hope it helps someone else out there. Thanks to Toleda, SamiSnake and all. :thumbup...
  4. Khan

    Mini guide for Foxconn H67s

    Just wanted to share my experience with this little board: ... -us0000515 Status [WORKING] + Graphics: Intel HD3000 (ocasional artefacts) + Networking: Realtek RTL8111E Gigabit Ethernet + Audio: Realtek ALC888s + SATA3 + Dual-monitor support (DVI & HDMI)...
  5. Khan

    Airport Card

    Check this out ... _500wt_994 Is that easy or what.
  6. Khan


    Having motherboards from each vendor I was wondering why the GA DSDT's from this data base compile with no errors and the ASUS DSDT's have errors. For Asus I had to learn some DSDT mods and at the end I used DSDT Auto Patcher to get the DSDT running. Thanks!!!
  7. Khan


    The DSDT DSDT-ASUS-P7H55-M-1101.aml downloaded from the DSDT database gives error when compiling with the DSDTSE editor. I wonder if these errors are the reason I can not get a USER DSDT INSTALL going with this card. On the other hand EASY INSTALL works up to SL 10.6.8. Can anybody please check...
  8. Khan

    TL-WN851N Vs. TL-WN951N

    Just got TL-WN851N working is SL 10.6.8 on a core 2 duo really well by just adding the string 168c,29 in the ATHEROS21.kext plist. If i do the same on a i5 or i7 it works for a short time and then KP's or freezes. Question is will the TL-WN951N do the same? Can someone verify that TL-WN951N...
  9. Khan

    Will not turn off

    After trying different things to improve my set up my computer does not turn completely off when I issue a shutdown. The fans stay on and the only way to shut them off is unplugging the AC cable. Deleted the extra folder and ran latest MB with same result. Any ideas before I do a total clean...
  10. Khan

    X58a-UD7 DSDT slow down FPS with Cinebench

    If I do a DSDT install I get around 22 FPS with cinebench. If I do a DSDT free install I get about 32 FPS. Do not know if it is a DSDT effect or a combination of the GA-X58a-UD7 and XFX ATI 5770 card. Have tested with graphics enabler YES and NO and 32 and 64 bits with same results. I am...
  11. Khan

    GB X58A-UD7

    Here is how I installed SL 10.6.5 on the following configuration: GB X58A-UD7 Intel i7 950 4 Gig of RAM for install. 8 Gig RAM after install. SATA LG DVD Drive EVGA 9800 GT WD Green 500 Gig Build ------ Followed tonymac install guide with Bios Changes: Set AHCI and...
  12. Khan

    Gigabyte P55-USB3

    Just put together a Gigabyte P55-USB3 with an Inte Dual Core i5 processor and installed the RealtekRTL81xx_0.0.67 kext and it works beautifully with the inboard ethernet. This is fantastic! :clap: :clap: :clap: to all of you! Thanks all! Juan
  13. Khan

    DSDT file after iBoot install

    I did a "iBoot Supported" install on a Biostar G31-M7 board with an Intel core 2 processor, 4 Gig of RAM, Nvidia 9800 Gt Graphics card and it all went great. The only problem is that it will not boot without the iBoot CD. I tried making my OSX partition as active using "fdisk" in terminal window...
  14. Khan

    iBoot Supported on a G31-M7

    Just installed SL on a Biostar G31-M7 with Nvidia 9800 card and it all went great. Only thing is that it will not boot without the iBoot disk. The Apple Logo apperas but nothing else happens. Any help please? Thanks!