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  1. alexmenn

    Problem running OC GA-z370-HD3P

    Hello all. I have my own system full working with big sur 11.1 and OC. But I cant get it in my second machine: Gigabyte Z370 HD3P (updated to f14a) i7 8700k Asus RX 580 16 GB ram DDR4 2400mhz SSD Samsung Evo 850 I've followed Open Core guide and tried several EFI folder from z370 users too...
  2. alexmenn

    Cant sleep after installing Radeon Vega 64 (ASUS Rog STRIX)

    Hi all!! I've upgraded my gtx 1080 for a Vega 64 to be able to work in mojave. Right now I have all my system running smoothly, but I have lost the sleep function. If I try to sleep, the system wakes again instantly (should be USB 255 problem, but I changed it to 255 and same problem) and...
  3. alexmenn

    Random hangs on boot or CPU KP

    Hello there! I've bought a brand new xps 9570 i7 8750h with 16gb 2666mhz ram and I've installed macos 14.2 on it. I followed this guide and almost is OK but usb-c hotplug and other "little" things like SD card reader, but I dont care about this...
  4. alexmenn

    Wifi hardware troubles Xiaomi Notebook Pro

    Hello all!! I bough my xiaomi notebook pro some weeks ago and following this guide ( everything is working great. I followed owenlars guide...
  5. alexmenn

    [Solved] The installer resources were not found

    Hi all. I have fully functional system x99 running 10.13.6, but I have one problem. When I reboot to the installer, the installer screen says "the installer resources were not found". I tried to update to Mojave directly from High Sierra, and Clean Install with USB in a new HDD, but same problem...
  6. alexmenn

    [Solved] Need help to fresh install 10.13.2 msi x99 SLI PLUS K.E. 6900k

    Hello all! I installed my new CPU 6900k in my "old" system. Now I have: Hello everyone. Yesterday I had my system 100% working with the following specs: CPU: 6900k RAM: 32gb ram 2133mhz (hyperx fury) MOBO: MSI X99A SLI KRAIT EDITION (updated to latest version and well configurated) EHCI USB -...
  7. alexmenn

    I changed my CPU and can't boot

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I had my system 100% working with the following specs: CPU: i7 5820k (I changed it to 6900k, and then crash...) RAM: 32gb ram 2133mhz (hyperx fury) MOBO: MSI X99 SLI KRAIT EDITION (updated to latest version and well configurated) Graphics: GTX 1080 PSU: Corsair RM750...
  8. alexmenn

    Trouble with mouse usb

    Hello all! With HS installation and some fix, now system detects all my USB 2, 3 and 3.1. But, sometimes, when I boot, the mouse (Corsair m65 pro) doesnt work, and I have to replug it. It happens in usb 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1, I tried them all. Here is my config.plist, maybe you can help me :)
  9. alexmenn

    Slow boot with SSD - About 25 seconds

    Hi everybody! When I have Sierra OS, El Capitan, and so... The system boots in just 4-5 seconds after the bar loading appears. Now, is slower, and it takes about 20-25 seconds to boot. Here you are my config.plist, maybe you can say me if I have something wrong configurated! Thank you :)
  10. alexmenn

    Everything works but cpu and gpu temps!

    Finally I installed a clean high sierra system on my x99 system! Everything works: audio, gtx 1080, ram, usb 3.0, and so. I could use most of kext and configs I used in Sierra OS. But I have a problem. Now I don't have CPU or GPU temps info. I tried istat menu and hwmonitor, but nothing. The...
  11. alexmenn

    Not audio devices after 10.11.6 x99 system

    Hello all again! Today I updated to 10.11.6 in my x99 system and the audio is driving me crazy!! In other updates, like 10.11.4 or 10.11.5, I had to resintall full audio, and I tried same ways this time. 1) Use updated piker alpha command 2) Restart. Nothing, I tried too reinstalling native...
  12. alexmenn

    Help with 10.11.4!! x99 system

    I'm having several troubles updating to 10.11.4 my msi x99 sli plus krait edition, i7 5820k and 970gtx. I have swaped to osxaptiofix2, and it sometimes boots, and other times does not work. If I try to boot with mac pro 6.1 SMBIOS, I get black screen. I've applied the mac pro 6.1 fix to...
  13. alexmenn

    Some problems with MSI X99A SLI PLUS 10.11.3

    USB 3.0 problem with MSI X99A SLI PLUS 10.11.3 Hello everybody. I posted that msg too in hardware troubleshooting, maybe it was not the right place. I have changed my hackintosh build and this is my new hardware: MSI X99A SLI PLUS, 32gb ram DDR4 2133 kingston hyperfuryx, gtx 970 g1, samsung...
  14. alexmenn

    Disordered SATA disk in system!

    Hello. I have a z97x-ud5h mobo with 4x INTEL SATA and 2x MARVELL SATA. I've plugged all my hdd in INTEL SATA 3 and the DVD reader in the MARVELL one, but I think this is causing some problemas in disk order in my system. When I use Disk Utility or Efi Mounter, my system SSD (it should be...
  15. alexmenn

    Help me with native powermanagement and speedsteps!

    Hello everybody. Im running my new hackintosh since some months ago. Z97X-UD5H, i7 4790k, 32gb ram 2133mhz (OCed), GTX 970 g1, and is awesome. But I have a little problem. I've been working with clover and smbios MacPro3.1. This is good, but the speedsteps didn't work. So, I've followed this...
  16. alexmenn

    ALC 1150 problem with dual booting 10.10.4/windows 10

    Hello everyone!! I have ALC 1150 installed for my mobo z97x-ud5h (tried Toleda script and latest multibeast) and it was working perfectly in every port, including the green back port. But, after installing Windows 10 in a different disk, after rebooting, the green port audio in mac crashed...
  17. alexmenn

    Random boot stuck!

    Thanks to Rehabman, I have working laptop (MSI GE60). Now I'm working with 10.10.2 and everything is OK: audio, igplatformid 260006 withouth glitches, and so. I just have a little problem. When I boot witch caches, sometimes, it stucks in apple logo, sometimes, it boots ok. If I boot without...
  18. alexmenn

    Need to update to 10.10.2

    Hello. I have my MSI GE60 2PC fully working on 10.10.1 (thx to rehabman). All is working, including sound and wifi. Now, I've cloned my partition to try the 10.10.2 update with App Store and that partition (the updated one) does not boot. I've rebuilded caches and permissions and nothing. I've...
  19. alexmenn

    MSI GE60 2PC installer problem!

    Ok, I've installed it!! Yeah! And I'm in desktop. The hd4600 works with 1.5gb vram, but without qe/ci. I'm using the rehabman hd4600 config.plis which has the patched to work with it. Maybe I should try different igplatformids.
  20. alexmenn

    Audio help! MSI GE60 2PC

    Hello. I'm having some troubles with my audio. Now I have all working perfect (DSDT + SSDT), except the audio and graphics, but graphics is other topic. About audio: I've patched my DSDT with rehabman solution and changed the id layour from 12 to 1 in the patch. I've tried too the toleda's...