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  1. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    SOLVED Don't be a big dummy! Check your /clover/Kexts/Other folder for Lilu.kext, WhateverGreen.kext, and FakeSMC.kext Somewhere along the line, in my many re-builds of the Clover installer, I lost the three mandatory kexts and never put them back. Then I proceeded to assume they were in there...
  2. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    This EFI setup doesn't show any macOS drives at all. I tested it, then edited the config.plist to not hide the Recovery and PreBoot partitions. Still no dice. Replaced /Drivers/UEFI/ApfsDriverLoader-64.efi with the ApfsDriverLoader I had previously been using, as well as replacing Aptiomemoryfix...
  3. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    More data! Since macOS appears to be doing something while only displaying the cursor, I thought to check the log files in /var/log. So, here's the whole folder. Today (March 27 2020) I booted one time and let it sit for an hour or so. Check that timestamp in whichever log files are relevant...
  4. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    I don't know if this counts as updating Clover; since I can't boot any version of OS X/MacOS on the target system, I can't run Clover to update the bootloader on my system drive. So, my system drive's EFI partition doesn't have a "Drivers" folder. I could make one using mkdir and cp the...
  5. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    My EFI folders are a mess, because I didn't update Clover on the system drive before updating (you know, like an idiot). I've been using the EFI shell in Clover to copy kexts into the correct folders. It's a pain, but I'm familiar enough with Terminal to use cp, ls, and cd Attached are some...
  6. Fjordn

    << Solved >> Black screen with mouse after updating to Catalina

    Since we're all stuck inside for a few weeks (thanks, COVID-19), I decided to update my Hackintosh. Yosemite 10.10.5 to Catalina 10.15.3. I done goofed a couple different times (didn't update Clover on the Yosemite drive before installing Catalina, namely) but I've been muddling through. I also...
  7. Fjordn

    Unable to boot in safe mode, normal boot is fine (Fusion Drive problem?)

    This is a strange set of circumstances, so first, some background: I have a working installation of Yosemite on a Fusion Drive (a 120 GB SSD and 1TB HDD), and a Windows installation (separate 1TB HDD). My bootloader is Chameleon v2.2, I think I had a problem with OS X (unrelated to hackintosh...
  8. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    Figured it out, it's actually fairly simple. Cursory explanation below: Since Chameleon's settings are based on the contents of the org.chameleon.boot.plist file, I needed a way to change them easily before restarting. Rather than trying to edit the file each time I reboot, I made a couple...
  9. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    I've got an alternative to constantly editing the org.chameleon.boot.plist file: If I just make a copy, alter it, then change the name of the original, Chameleon should read the "altered" copy because it uses the correct filename. So, I could just write a script to change the filenames. Easy enough.
  10. Fjordn

    [Solved] Choose which OS to boot to before restarting?

    (apologies for any incorrect terminology; it's been a while since I messed with my installation) tl;dr - is it idiotic to use a script to alter the .plist file on my "Boot OS X" volume so I can restart into any OS, bypassing the need to manually select one at the bootloader? I dual-boot...
  11. Fjordn

    Yosemite - DirtyJetsamMemoryLimit key

    Apparently jetsam is part of a block of iOS code that was brought into Yosemite. It has to do with memory management, as iOS memory is much more limited than on a Mac. The error occurs because it refers to code that doesn't exist in Yosemite (but would in iOS) Everything I've seen says that you...
  12. Fjordn

    An iDiot's Guide To iMessage

    Is this guide ONLY for Clover users?
  13. Fjordn

    What Speakers Do You Use?

    I just upgraded to Audioengine P4 passive speakers (from a 10$ yard sale pair). When I need to, I use my AKAI EIE interface and send all audio through my receiver to my speakers. (The whole rear aspect of my desk is an absolute mess of cables) I plug my headphones (pictured: Shure 440 and Grado...
  14. Fjordn

    An error occurred while extracting files from the package "Essentials.pkg".

    I had the same problem, -no-zp didn't do anything for me either I eventually had to re-make my UniBeast drive which solved the problem somehow
  15. Fjordn

    Getting a "can't find /mach_kernal"

    Try booting into your Yosemite installation via USB, then open the terminal and type diskutil list This should list all the drives you have, look for the one you installed Yosemite on. There might be a partition on the disk called "Boot OS X"; mount that by typing diskutil mount diskXsY where X...
  16. Fjordn

    Bootloader will not automatically boot!?

    In your startup drive's org.chameleon.boot.plist file, check for InstantMenu in the code somewhere and, if it says Yes, change it to No. There are a couple other things you might see that would help you out in that file as well if you (very carefully) tinker with them
  17. Fjordn

    Yosemite Install Issue, gray stop sign - GA-H87N-WIFI

    If you've got your install USB in a USB 3.0 slot, try sticking it in a 2.0 slot instead. Worked for me and a few others, no bootflags necessary
  18. Fjordn

    Having Yosemite trouble.

    I had this problem for a while; try sticking the USB installer in a USB 2.0 port instead of a 3.0.
  19. Fjordn

    [Solved] Prohibitory sign when booting from install USB

    Before you do anything drastic, make sure you're using the USB installer in a USB 2.0 slot rather than a 3.0 I had a similar problem with my Z77-DS3H, and this fixed it instantly
  20. Fjordn

    Anybody with the "Essentials.pkg" Error

    Only using the flag -no-zp doesn't do it for me, I'm trying a couple different combos as I go along as well. I'm going to try re-making the USB Installer soon, if i can manage to reboot into my Mavericks install Haven't tried the maxmem flag yet as i haven't gotten a KP so far. EDIT: maxmem...