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  1. scurra

    Old Contacts won't sync over iCloud. New ones do.

    Hey, I got a weird problem with the Contacts app. It does not show any "old" contacts (ie non on first start) from my iCloud account. If I add contacts they show up in my other devices fine and new contacts created on other devices also sync back to my Mac. I already tried all the basics...
  2. scurra

    Updating SmBios to more fitting product, breaking iCloud?

    Hey guys, I have a Hackintosh running Clover and Yosemite (followed this guide and it works quite well. I have a few issues with audio and network which I kind of had before on Mavericks. I...
  3. scurra

    Bluetooth Tip for Germany

    Just a tip for german users: The GMYLE Micro USB Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter (get it here from works perfectly in 10.9.2 and only costs 10 Euro. Wake from sleep also works, confirmed with Magic Mouse button press.
  4. scurra

    [SUCCESS 10.9.2] Haswell Gigabyte GA-H81M-HD3 + Core i3-4330 HD4600 Graphics

    Story: I recently had to move to a new pad which had a dedicated home office room and while my current CustoMac was set up to the TV which is now in the living room I needed a new CustoMac for the office. Requirements were basicly for it to be cheap but fast. Optimize price/value while...
  5. scurra

    How many displays are supported by the HD4600 graphics?

    Hi, I currently have a 3 monitor setup, but I will soon build another CustoMac using the current CustoMacMini suggestions, which include a HD4600 graphics solution. Will I be able to use all my three screens (each is 1920x1080/60Hz) at the same time in OS X? Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks, scurra
  6. scurra

    Success But Questions: GA-Q77M-D2H with Core i5 3450 and Nvidia GTX 660

    Hi guys, first of all. Thanks to everyone involved with this project. It is just amazing to being able to use my gaming PC which is dead silent to boot OS X and have something to work with on the same machine. I just finished my first Hackintosh and wanted to provide some information for...