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  1. AppleIIGuy

    Weird Errors when booting Yosemite

    Chimera 4 is installed to my SSD. (This system booted fine under Mavericks and Chimera 3) When I attempt to boot from the SSD i get this error: Loading Operating System … boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: GPT boot0: test boot0: test boot0: error Now i tried Solution 1...
  2. AppleIIGuy

    ColorSync Profiles

    So I recently got a Spyder4 and made some calibrated Profiles for my IPS Displays Attached are my profiles for my Achieva Shimian QH270 & Yamakasi DS270 Enjoy..
  3. AppleIIGuy

    Intel NUC (DC3217BY)

    Do you guys think this will be hackable? Looks like it will be an excellent choice to be a home server/shove into small cases like a Disk ][ or a G4 cube... Just add a Msata drive and a Compatable Wifi card and...
  4. AppleIIGuy

    Intel DX79SI DSDT

    Here is a DSDT I made for the Intel DX79SI so I could get onboard audio working. Bios Version: 0537 Edits Made: HDEF / DTGP I hope you all Enjoy! Oh and feel free to add this to the DSDT database
  5. AppleIIGuy

    Multibeast 5.1.2 Audio

    Multibeast 5.1.2 Audio/USB3 I have a Intel DX79SI And I installed the NON DSDT ALc892 enabler, In system preferences i can Select 2 different line outs, And Internal speakers but when I select any of those Itunes stops playing until I select my Griffin Firewave audio. So It does show up in...
  6. AppleIIGuy

    GA-Z77-DS3H USB 3.0 Problems

    System Specs: GA-Z77-DS3H Ivy Bridge Core i5 unlocked multiplier 8 GB Ram System is NOT overclocked. Ok so USB 2 ports works fine in Mountain Lion. But whenever i plug a usb device into a usb 3 port the computer locks up. System profiler shows USB 3.0 Super Speed Bus I do not use...
  7. AppleIIGuy

    Hackintosh //GS

    Well this is a W.I.P. I wanted a unique Hackintosh Case so I had a IIGS case lying around without a motherboard so I decided to make a small formfactor Hackintosh Build Specs: Core i3 2125 8 Gb Ram Nvidia Geforce 430 2 TB Baracuda HDD H61N-USB3 Motherboard You can see some pictures of the case...