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  1. disvar

    [Mojave] MSI 580 Armor - Mouse Lag

    PROBLEM: The mouse cursor is lagging in random patterns, like every 5-10 seconds. I already tried changing the peripheral (both wired). MY BUILD: H77N-WiFi Gigabyte i3-3225 (Ivy Bridge) MSI RX 580 OC Armor 8 GB Atheros 9280 WIFI (not using it atm, just ethernet) 2560x1440 Primary Monitor with...
  2. disvar

    How to check a Failing GPU under Sierra?

    System details in my signature. Using Clover + Sierra 10.12.6. So, yesterday my 1440p monitor failed to display anything at booting. I thought my MSI Nvidia 660 was giving up. No image using the intel 4000 internal gpu through HDMI. I had to connect another smaller monitor to see something -...
  3. disvar

    [Solved] Console flooding/spamming: kernel Ethernet Realtek checksum

    Internet is working great over ethernet. However, I have one message every second that looks like this: default 17:00:44.190288 +0100 kernel Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: checksums applied: 0x3, checksums valid: 0x0 I have a GA-H77N-WIFI Mobo and RealtekRTL8111.kext version 2.1.0d1
  4. disvar

    Sierra + Mountain Lion, Dual Boot on 2 SSD

    I installed Sierra on another SSD today. See my Personal Details. It wasn't easy as usual: I had to reinstall kext files with Multibeast multiple times. Little by little ethernet, audio, big resolution got working. I also had a problem with the VRAM of my GPU, solved using InjectNVIDIA=no with...
  5. disvar

    [BitFenix Prodigy build] First time!

    [BitFenix Prodigy-H77N-3225] Everything works! EDIT: All works good. The assembling part was easy, but: -the side connectors have a little triangle for positive which wasnt written on the guides -the atx 8 pin of the PSU can be divided into 2 atx 4 pin which seems without problem for someone...
  6. disvar

    Stable nice system, first try - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 3570K - GTX660ti

    Hi, this is a wonderful forum. I used macs for more than 15 years. But now they cost too much for a power hungry machine. I am from Italy so I will display the best price I've found here. GOAL: a 1300€ machine. I need stability before anything (no crashes, no sleep issue, working FCPX, old...