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  1. dtrvndrn

    Old hackintosh, update path? Yosemite / i7 2600k / Z68MA-D2H-B3

    Hi folks, Haven't been on here for a long time. Still using my trusty hackintosh on daily basis though. I've kept it running as it is because "it just works". But sooner or later one has to stop postponing updating. I'm worried getting behind on updates will make my system too vulnerable to...
  2. dtrvndrn

    The FireWire 800/400 card to own for 100% compatibility

    I would like to update my experiences with the Dawicontrol DC-FW800 PCIe and my MOTU UltraLite MK3 audio interface. I get frequent high pitched bleeps in the outputs. Doesn't happen when I connect the MOTU through USB. Not sure if the FW card is the culprit - my system also glitches audio...
  3. dtrvndrn

    Change Your Dock's Trash Icon To A Mac Pro Trashcan

    dude have you read what this thread is about ???
  4. dtrvndrn

    Hack Pro for 4K film editing and VFX

    Not sure about bang for the buck but performance-wise your config will happily crunch through HD AVCHD. One thing to note: Premiere CS6 (and maybe subsequent versions too, not sure) has a bug decoding some hacked GH2 AVCHD footage. For example the FlowMotion2 hack is affected by it. It's not a...
  5. dtrvndrn

    January 2014 Buyer's Guide question

    The buyer's guide clearly states socket 2011 systems have limited OSX support.
  6. dtrvndrn

    BIOS to EFI upgrade, will it break existing Win7 dual-boot ?

    I see. I might still give it a try. Seems Fx BIOS can be rolled back easily in case of trouble.
  7. dtrvndrn

    BIOS to EFI upgrade, will it break existing Win7 dual-boot ?

    Thanks! I 'm considering upgrading cause I have some weird issues that seem USB(3) related. It seems that when I have my USB3 SD-card reader plugged in and wake from sleep, my system is partly unresponsive for a minute or 2. OSX appears and application windows come to front when clicked but...
  8. dtrvndrn

    BIOS to EFI upgrade, will it break existing Win7 dual-boot ?

    Hi, I'd like to upgrade my mobo BIOS to EFI on my dual-boot ML & Win7 system. I couldn't find anywhere on the forums or google whether that will break the Win7 install. Anyone know? ML and Win7 are installed on separate SSDs. Tanx D.
  9. dtrvndrn

    dyuhas' Dual-boot Bitfenix Phenom-M (mATX) Build - i7-4770K, GA-Z87MX-D3H, 16GB 2400Mhz Memory, GTX

    Awesome. I told myself I wouldn't do a mini system anymore 'cause my Lian-Li case makes it a pain with a full-size video card. But a build like this is perfectly practical and performant.
  10. dtrvndrn

    Logitech Control Center Updated for 10.9 Mavericks

    hmmm... i updated LCC to 3.9.0 on 10.8 (same installer) and now the pointer calibration is gone. Unless I got blind and stupid. There's no way to calibrate the vertical axis of my trackball. That's pretty essential. Well I guess this seals the faith of my trusty old Trackman Optical Cordless...
  11. dtrvndrn

    USB & FW external soundcards, intermittent crackles, going nuts

    Now get this... After testing my audio interface on multiple machines, after testing all kinds of software combos, after buying a new €1000+ audio interface, after getting a new FW PCI card, after completely reinstalling my system, after pulling out my PCI cards 1 by 1 and after the hundreds of...
  12. dtrvndrn

    USB & FW external soundcards, intermittent crackles, going nuts

    Hi there, I have an audio issue that's driving me mad. I'm a professional audiovisual artist and having a flaky sound system is just no option. Breakdowns in the midst of a live show are no fun. It started with my old 'n trusty MOTU 828mk2 firewire interface. After not having used any...
  13. dtrvndrn

    What's New in OS X 10.9 Mavericks

    How the f*ck is it possible that people are still using cinebench? It has been completely useless for YEARS. Does not use any acceleration on recent video cards. Stop using it.
  14. dtrvndrn

    Apple Intel AMD/ATI Framebuffers

    I recently found out that the Command Line Tools can be downloaded independently from Xcode for previous OSX versions as well. It's a tiny download compared to Xcode. Search for it in Apple Developer.
  15. dtrvndrn

    Working 5-monitor setup, 13MP, GTX 650 Ti + HD3000, Z77 board, 10.8.4

    Another way to go about this, more costly but likely more performant, is via 1 or more Matrox Triplehead2go's. That way you can connect all monitors to the Nvidia card. The desktop then isn't spanning across the Nvidia and Intel graphics, which likely prevents a lot of glitches and performance...
  16. dtrvndrn

    The FireWire 800/400 card to own for 100% compatibility

    I just got me a DawiControl DC-FW800 PCIe to replace my Sonnet Tango800. Plug and play, works fine in first testing. TI chip. I replaced the Sonnet because I started having clicks and pops in the audio from my MOTU 828mk2 firewire audio interface. Sounds like a clock sync issue that pops up...
  17. dtrvndrn

    Star Wars: KOTOR 10th Year Anniversary Sale

    Anyone tried it on GTX 6xx cards?
  18. dtrvndrn

    How Many Monitors Do You Use?

    4 to 7. 1 x 1080p working monitor and 3 to 6 projectors. I'm doing audiovisual performances and installations... The projectors connect through 2 Triplehead2go interfaces. I once successfully tried connecting a 3rd one for a total of 10 display outputs...