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  1. In-N-Out

    Apple Warranty page showing serial number isn't valid

    Sorry, it's a non issue now since I decided not to purchase it.
  2. In-N-Out

    [Solved] What's going on with the newer versions of Clover?

    Running Clover 4380 on both 10.13.2 and now 10.13.3 and I've noticed on the initial boot there are some new boot entries displayed, specifically: Testing Hardware, User Settings, Scan Entries and then it finally goes into the typical countdown settings etc... It sucks because it adds another 4...
  3. In-N-Out

    macOS DNS Hijacking Malware Discovered!

  4. In-N-Out

    Major Intel CPU Design Flaw Revealed

    If this is legit it is bad news indeed!
  5. In-N-Out

    [Solved] Anyone shed some light on these APFS errors on boot up?

    Ever since I first installed the official release of High Sierra and subsequently the supplemental update I get these messages prior to booting Clover. The system boots fine so these warnings can't be very serious. I was wondering if there was anyway to resolve them? It wasn't easy capturing it...
  6. In-N-Out

    Successful High Sierra Installation on Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH System

    Downloaded today's official High Sierra Update. Performed a direct update from 10.12.6. First updated Clover to v2.4k r4220, and then followed APFS guide above. Everything seems to be working with the exception of audio. I then downloaded and ran audio_cloverALC-130_v0.3.command, rebooted and my...
  7. In-N-Out

    Getting an Installation Error at the Start of the Installation

    Unable to install the public beta here because of the following error. I got this error more then once. :( Suggestions?
  8. In-N-Out

    Logitech MX Master Mouse turns system on, why?

    Hi Folks. I'm running the latest Beta of Sierra 10.12.3 beta 4 on my Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH based system but have experienced the same issue with earlier builds since I got the Logitech MX Master mouse a few weeks back. When I issue the shutdown command via the Apple Icon pulldown and the...
  9. In-N-Out

    Why Apple Used AMD GPUs in new 15" MacBook Pro

    Scroll down to see article on
  10. In-N-Out

    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-UD5 TH sound in Sierra? Your procedure?

    Hi folks, I'm just curious how those with this motherboard like tonymacx86 (hint) have gotten audio to work under Sierra? The procedure I've had to come up with seems a little redundant but works. My procedure: a) After a successful install of Sierra wether it be Mulltibeast 9 or 9.01 I make my...
  11. In-N-Out

    Today's Sierra video card swap anomaly

    Running Sierra 12.1 here. Ever since I switched over to a EVGA Geforce GTX 750TI today I immediately noticed during the boot process that the Apple logo and progress bar are somewhat stretched and approximately 3 to 4 times larger in size then they've ever been. It's the same with the size of...
  12. In-N-Out

    Steps to swap over from the HD 530 to NVIDIA GT 730 in Sierra?

    Hi folks, I have Sierra 12.0 working fine here except for that graphic flickering with the 530. What I'm hoping to do here is use this working 10.12 Sierra installation that's configured for the HD 530 and substitute the NVIDIA GT 730 for the 530. Can someone tell me the steps I'll need to...
  13. In-N-Out

    10.12.1 beta 5 HD 530 issue still not resolved

    Still no fix for the 530 in the new 10.12.1 beta 5 update just released for Sierra. I think we can assume that the upper left display issue will not be resolved in the 10.12.1 update. :(
  14. In-N-Out

    Solved! Anyone have USB 3.0 working on their Gigabyte GA-Z170-X UD5 TH under Sierra?

    If so, I'd appreciate knowing what you had to do? So far I'm not having any success here with Sierra. USB 3.0 worked fine with El Capitan here. Thanks.
  15. In-N-Out

    Help: No sound in El Capitan

  16. In-N-Out

    El Capitan....Why the different scaled display choices?

    Can someone explain why I don't have the same choices as image 1 (top) from my friends computer? Mine is image 2 (bottom). Specifically why I don't have the larger text options. Granted, he's running a different graphics card GTX 960 and I'm running the Intel HD 530, but I swear I had the top...
  17. In-N-Out

    Z170X UD5 TH BIOS Anomaly (Solved).

    Hi everyone, After successfully running Unibeast/Multibeast I'm running El Capitan here. :) Last night I added an additional SSD in order to now have Win10 on its own SSD and El Capitan on its own SSD. Anyway, now when I enter F12 (boot options) I have a lot of redundancy in the Boot options...
  18. In-N-Out

    Unibeast flash drive boot error (Resolved)!

    Hi everyone, It's my first Hackintosh build here. I've successfully created the USB flash drive following the guide via the latest (6.2.0) unibeast for El Capitan. I'm using a newly purchased Gigabyte Z170X UD5 TH with i7 6700K, and its BIOS sits at the latest F5 version. When I try to boot off...