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  1. Henties

    Skylake only reaches the desktop with 1 monitor connected to the IGPU

    My ASUS RX 5700 xt packed up in my GA-Z490 Vision G build, therefore I removed an AMD RX 580 XT from my Skylake build to get the Z490 Vision G machine going until such time that an "affordable" replacement DGPU becomes available. On my my Skylake rig I subsequently configured it's onboard Intel...
  2. Henties

    Big Sur wake on lan broken

    To wake Big Sur 20F71 with a magic packet, using various tools and scripts that are available, seems to be brocken. Anybody using wake on lan successfully with Big Sur to assist in getting mine to work again ?? Much appreciated. Greetings Henties
  3. Henties

    Z490 Vision G BIOS update

    Hi all GA-Vision G owners. For the GA-Z490 Vision G platform, a Bios update to version F20d from F20a is available. After applying this BIOS update I noticed that thermally the mobo is not taxed as exhaustively as was the case under Bios F20a, a differential of approximately 10 degrees was...
  4. Henties

    Energy Saver missing items

    My Comet Lake build is missing settable items in the System Preferences --> Energy Saver user interface. This is a completely new Big Sur 11.2.1 20D75 installation, on a new Samsung 870 EVO 500GB SSD, and NOT a macOS upgrade from a previous macOS incarnation. Everything one can think of is...
  5. Henties

    << Solved >> Apple version anomaly

    I used a full installer of Big Sur 11.2.1 in order to overwrite and reseal my existing Big Sur 11.2.1 20D74 /System volume to once again enable SIP 00000000. It did exactly what I expected, however I ended up with a build number incremented from 20D74 to 20D75, making me wonder whether Apple...
  6. Henties

    Compatible NVMe sticks

    Hi all. I am contemplating to add 1 or 2 NVMe 500 GB storage sticks to my Skylake GA-Z170X-UD3 mobo. It's an ageing mobo but has proven reliable over the years. I am therefore considering to add 1 or perhaps even 2 NVMe sticks to this machine. From gleaning through the handbook, both slots...
  7. Henties

    Comments on Big Sur Beta 1 Release

    Thank you for your comprehensive feedback. I have been an active developer for a number of years, but because I chose to scale down my activities in front of a computer screen I opted not to renew my subscription this time around. I obtained my beta copy "public beta 1" directly through the...
  8. Henties

    << Solved >> Generating an opencanopy screenshot

    Hi all. I would appreciate some help in generating an opencore opencanopy screenshot, depicting the boot icons as well as their arrangement on the boot selection screen. I do however not even know whether this is possible, considering the relatively early development stage of opencore V0.6.0...
  9. Henties


    I find it annoying that the opencore plist editor, ProperTree always opens 2 screens when editing a file, the screenshot refers. Can this behavior be changed and if so, how? Cheers Henties
  10. Henties

    Open core opencanopy

    I am using opencore V 0.6.0 with opencanopy, which is working rather fine considering the early stage of development opencanopy is currently in. On the attached screenshot, depicting the opencanopy boot selection screen, I would like to rename both of the Windows entities and in addition I...
  11. Henties

    Problems upgrading Clover bootloader 5070 to next release

    Hi when I try to upgrade Clover bootloader from r 5070 to r 5096 I get an incompatible message as per attachment. I am presently on Catalina 10.15 19A602 with SIP being disabled via Hackintool 2.80 Any assistance will be appreciated. Greetings Henties
  12. Henties

    X-Plane 11.35 feedback

    After much more than a decade+ of immersing myself into FSX :-) I have finally decided to move on to something more current and chose X-Plane for macOS to replace my ageing 32 bit Windows based FSX installation. It basically means that I have to accept that my FSX addons, which I have gathered...
  13. Henties

    Upgrading from Mojave > What Catalina Version of Clover?

    Which version of Clover bootloader is recommended to upgrade from Mojave 10.14.5 to the latest available Catalina. Clover_v2.4k_r4988 does not work at all not even with Mojave it seems. Greetings
  14. Henties

    Time machine disk size reported incorrectly.

    Hi All. Time Machine on my Skylake build all of a sudden reports disk size errors and refuses to run any backups thereafter, the attached image refers. The additional disk space it wants amounts to 1.44 EB ( exabytes) a number that makes me dizzy just thinking of it :-) I have already...
  15. Henties

    Mojave permission problems

    Hi All. When I try clearing nvram on my builds, from within terminal with "sudo nvram -c" I get a permission error as per the attached screenshot. Any suggestion to fix this will be appreciated. Greetings
  16. Henties

    << Solved >> Unable to fix instability by myself - please help

    Hi all. My Skylake build has all of a sudden become very unstable with nothing that I have tried, in the hope that stability returns, yielding the desired result. The problem appears to have surfaced the first time after upgrading from Mojave 10.14.2 to 10.14.3. It then seems to have gotten...
  17. Henties

    At long last my divorce is finalized

    Hi all. My wife, of many decades, all of a sudden started to cause me endless problems so I decided to initiate divorce proceedings. These proceedings spanned a number of months, I am however elated to report that the supreme court in the end, of which I was the presiding judge, ruled in my...
  18. Henties

    Permission error when clearing nvram

    Hi all. On both of my hacks I started getting permission errors when attempting to clear nvram with "sudo nvram -c" from the command line. Would appreciate if somebody could shed some light on this one. Wandering if a setting in "System Preferences > Security & Privacy" needs to be applied to...
  19. Henties

    Improved everything in Mojave espesially power management

    Hi all. Attached 3 screenshots that show the excellent power management results that are now achievable under Mojave 18A391. I have stuck with @RehabMan 's "discovery" - many moons ago - and achieve this as depicted by the pictures by only ticking "Plugin Type". The attached screenshot of the...
  20. Henties

    Unexplained shutdowns

    Hi all. Since fairly recently my Skylake build is shutting down for unexplained reasons. I checked the logs and could identify a number of shutdowns not invoked deliberately by me. The cause for each and every one, even the ones I initiated deliberately are designated the number 5, which...