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  1. guru2468

    Nvidia web drivers

    Good point! Really hope you're right. Don't want to buy any expensive Mac Pro hardware for my video work, simply can't afford it. And really don't want to use Windows.
  2. guru2468

    Nvidia web drivers

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but how long do you think NVIDIA will keep releasing GPU drivers for OS X? Basically, the only ones benefiting from this are the old school Mac Pro upgraders and the Hackintosh community. I fear that they stop seeing the necessity of publishing and maintaining said...
  3. guru2468

    Mac Box Pro

    I'd like to see such a build in a Pelican case. They have really nice handles (heck, some have wheels), would likely look better than the boxes in thread and they'd be basically built like tanks. Also you can latch them closed nicely and even padlock them for location work.
  4. guru2468

    MVC reports Titan X is fully functional with newest Web Driver

    Whaaaaat?! Isn't that even worse than the GTX670/680 used to be? And also basically as bad worse than the 980? Is my guess correct if I said you'd better stick with GK110 (Titan, 780 (Ti)) for compute/OpenCL?
  5. guru2468

    System freezing, continues displaying same screen forever

    Hello guys I've been struggling with some really annoying issues lately. My system has been freezing for no apparent reason. It occurs in many different situations, notably when editing in FCPX or copying data over the network. But I can't isolate any patterns. I've then reinstalled a new...
  6. guru2468

    OS X 10.10 Yosemite unveiled at WWDC

    Strange, I've started my Hackintosh journey with 10.8.4 and I've been able to use pretty much every update almost on day one. Without issues that is. And yes, I do perform work with the thing, that's why I built it in the first place.
  7. guru2468

    [BUILDING] The HaswellRise mod

    How about you place a plate between the Motherboard/CPU cooler and the GPU and then place a fan in the back or front of the case, which pulls or pushes (or both) the air out of these separated chambers. This way you could force the air to actually flow through the whole case. I'm thinking 80mm...
  8. guru2468

    [BUILDING] The HaswellRise mod

    How about modding the card. I'm thinking you could remove the stock heatsink/fan assembly and replace it with a thinner contraption, maybe deviating the heat through heatpipes and then placing the heatsink at the back of the case. Kind of what laptops do. There must be a way...
  9. guru2468

    [BUILDING] The HaswellRise mod

    Hopefully the GTX 750 will soon get driver support on OS X. I guess you could use the reference design with the super small cooler and place it horizontally above the motherboard. You should be able to find a PCI-E extension cord, which should deliver both power and the interconnect.
  10. guru2468

    hw monitor gpu 57 Celsius

    My GTX 670 runs equally hot in idle too. This appears to be a known bug in the NVIDIA driver, that breaks power management on Kepler cards. After OpenCL is used once after boot, the clock speed of the cards stays maxed out, causing high temps at idle. I haven't found a fix for this so far. It's...
  11. guru2468

    MultiBeast 6.2 Update

    The audio drivers are broken with 10.9.2 in MB 6.2. I reverted to those from 6.1. (Gigabyte Z77-DS3H, Realtek ALC887)
  12. guru2468

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01f01)

    I'd love to answer this one, but I guess not many people have 4K monitors these days (and usually not the good 60Hz MST ones, especially. These things are still really pricey..) Well then this seems to confirms that the absence of power management is still "normal" and not just an isolated...
  13. guru2468

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01f01)

    Very strange... I've tried ramping up the core clock with some CUDA workload (just running CUDA-Z), it then throttled down after quitting. But then I fired up Luxmark and it got stuck at the maximum base clock. (Not the boost clock, though) Which driver version are you using? I've got the...
  14. guru2468

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01f01)

    How can you tell if power management works? Because mine still appears to be broken: When my machine boots, the GPU clock is at 324MHz, but as soon as it has to ramp up for OpenCL it stays at 1.1GHz. I might check if I have time, I still have a friend's GTX 460 lying around. Haven't used it...
  15. guru2468

    NVIDIA Releases Alternate Graphics Drivers for 10.9.2 (331.01.01f01)

    I am happy to announce that CUDA is now fixed! No crashes anymore. Latest version is 5.5.47. Get it in the preference panel now. :D
  16. guru2468

    What Monitor or Display Do You Use?

    I use a Dell U2714HM 27 inch 1440p panel as a main monitor and an HP ZR22402 22 inch screen as a secondary. My GTX 670 drives them both just fine.
  17. guru2468

    Super Silent Mac Mini Replacement - Node 2.0

    I think you can fix this easily: I also thought sleep was broken on my build, but in the end I just had to turn off the lock screen in System Preferences (So it doesn't ask the password at wake). This isn't a big deal, since it's not a laptop. Try it and keep us posted! Sleep works fine with it...
  18. guru2468

    Building a CustoMac: Buyer's Guide September 2013

    Does this new recommended build thing mean, that I can go with the Z87-HD3 and it should work with 10.8.5? Because I haven't seen anybody with this board working properly. I would be using this board with a 4770K and a Zotac GTX670 AMP!. Will that work (all of this stuff is on the list)? Or...
  19. guru2468

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Has anyone gotten the Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 working on 10.8.5? I have to choose between this board or an Ivy Bridge build with the GA-Z77-DS3H. (Can't go for the Z87X-D3H, as it's 50% more expensive than either of these boards) Suggestions? I need to have a build that I can use as my main Mac...
  20. guru2468

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.5 Update Does anyone have experiences with the Gigabyte Z87-HD3? I was planning on getting this board with a 4770k in case I went the Haswell route. How's the setup and can you get it to work stably with 10.8.5?