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  1. Adrian B

    I5 3470 3.2 GHZ - HD2500 - Socket 1155

    The ASRock Z77 Pro 3 has been used with OS X. You do need to patch the BIOS. Use google as many of the original links are no longer live. If you have already looked into this and patching the BIOS does not appeal then here is...
  2. Adrian B

    Can only boot in Safe Mode?

    Try again, this time do not select EasyBeast. Instead use 'User DSDT or DSDT Free Installation' Adrian B
  3. Adrian B

    Mountain Lion Installation problem

    I can get all the way through the Mountain Lion installation to Step 4: Post-Installation Using Multibeast. If I try to download MultiBeast to downloads on the desktop. It does not download. It shows a safari icon, but there is nothing there. I have latest MultiBeast on bootloader drive, I...
  4. Adrian B

    Kernel Trap on new build

    First time post on new build. Multibeast down loaded, opened file, driver option came up on screen and computer froze, left for a couple of minutes - no change. Rebooted and chose OSX. Where did I go wrong and more importantly how do I put it right. I have searched for this kernel trap...