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  1. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    I have OSX Mavericks running. Installation went as smooth as never before :) Only thing was that I got the Boot: 0 error because my SSD is 240Gb. Have been dealing with that problem before so wasn't a problem for me.
  2. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    As long as the ford does the job. After doing the job, it can be ignored again :P
  3. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    It has been a while now but I got rid of all the issues thanks to paragon and 7-zip for Windows. I used those 2 programs to place the new Chimera into my OSX harddrive using Windows. That fixed it, my "Mac" booted again :)
  4. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    Problems got worse now :( After 1 successful boot into the OS after moving the new .kext, it all started getting weird. This is what happened: I fixed the IntelCPUblabla error by putting the correct .kext on the drive which fixed it. Was able to boot into the OS without problems, but when I...
  5. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    Well, some people lost their USB or only have one USB which they used for updating their BIOS after they used that USB for installing OS X
  6. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    I have TimeMachine backups ;) They don't cover this kind of hackintosh problems lol
  7. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    I hope I do not get banned for posting this..... But here is how I fixed it WITHOUT ANY type of unibeast device, multibeast, none of it has been used in this process. The problem: Mac OS X Hackintosh install not bootable after installing newer version of OS which required a newer version...
  8. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    I have found the USB I used back in the day for installation but it does not have the installer on it anymore.... What now?
  9. IT07

    My install is f**cked... What to do?

    Hey peeps, I just updated my OSX Lion to the latest version, restarted, and now it gives me a KP right in the kisser. It looks like it is caused by intelcpupowermanagent. Specs: Asus Z77 Sabertooth + Intel Ivy i7-3770k (OC'ed) Mem: Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 16Gb HDD: Crucial M4 240Gb...
  10. IT07

    Need help copying working install to SSD

    Because I thought I needed to do that. But anyways, I copied the working install onto the ssd, then installed Chimera on it using multibeast and now it's working like a charm :)
  11. IT07

    Need help copying working install to SSD

    but that isn't free, is it? EDIT: downloaded it, it seems that you can use it for 30days without paying :) it's cloning the data now. but I tried to install the right kexts that work with my current install but Multibeast refuses to install ANYTHING. it simply says: installation failed...
  12. IT07

    Need help copying working install to SSD

    Hi, I recently bought a SSD and tried to install osx 10.8 on it but I got KP's and stuff (appleintelcpupowermanagement) However, my previous install is working fine..... So, is there a way to easily make the new install on ssd working like it does on my old hdd? Maybe copy the extensions...
  13. IT07

    ATI HD6870 with Apple Cinema Display (Thunderbolt). Will it work on ML?

    Like the title says: will it work? I've read the ATI6000Controller.kext ML FIX INSIDE page, but somebody there was talking about something not working when chameleon gets restored to default...... I didn't understand anything of what he said, but it did put me to think before wasting 1150 coins...
  14. IT07

    AMD Radeon 6870 with After Effects cs6 dual monitors help

    Hey dude, After searching on google I came across your post. My question is: Do you know if the 6870 works with cs6 on mountain lion? Currently, i have a 5850 on mountain lion which works perfectly but after effects crashes when I launch it. The error code says that my gpu is not...
  15. IT07

    Post Your 3770k Overclock and Geekbench score

    Overclock: 4Ghz Geekbench Score: 13894 Cooler: Scythe Mugen 2 Rev. B Motherboard: Asus Z77 Sabertooth Gpu is from older build so that may affect the score.
  16. IT07

    OS X Mountain Lion is INSANELY slow, laggy and "crashes" to login screen

    hey all, Since Mountain Lion all i got is problems. My iHack is VERY slow, laggy (especially sometimes while typing) and it's startup time is insanely slow too. it takes about half a minute to shutdown, and about 20 seconds for the login screen to appear after the bootscreen with logo. And...
  17. IT07

    Patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext for 10.8

    DOES NOT WORK ON ASUS P7P55D LE with i7-860 EDIT: IT DOES WORK. Intel Core i7-860 on Asus P7P55D LE reason for thinking it won't work: incorrect kext installation
  18. IT07

    Strange NullCPUPowerManagement behavior

    [SOLVED] Strange NullCPUPowerManagement behavior hey all, I have installed Mountain Lion with multi beast 4.6.1 drivers; and I have to say: it works fine :D but sleep doesn't work with the patched NullCPUPowermanagement.kext. well, it works only one time... With Lion, sleep worked by...
  19. IT07

    OS X Lion is VERY SLOW on shutdown. (error log included)

    Allright... but where do all those errors come from? And is there a way to make the shutdown faster?