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  1. MysticalOS

    [Solved] Sleep stopped working and I'm at a loss

    Yes i've searched threads, and internet, for 3 days. I've tried literally everything under the sun from doriana guides to every work around imaginable going back to 2012. I cannot find anything wrong. In fact everything was perfect until this week when suddenly hack decided sleep feature is...
  2. MysticalOS

    << Solved >> 20702B0 and Air Drop

    Most threads around here seem to focus on bluetooth, wifi, handoff etc. All of that works. Even apple watch unlock works over wifi What doesn't work is airdrop. Wifi is enabled, bluetooth is enabled, vendor is apple, what am I missing? Is 20702B0 just too old? I know Big sur still supports it...
  3. MysticalOS

    PS4 controller causing Kernel Panic in lapic

    On 11.5.1 on a system that's otherwise pretty stable, but one issue remains. PS4 controller plugged into UPS sporatically causes kernel panic. I had a dev symbolize and debug panic and said it's being caused in a specific call. I've attached his analysis, his analysis came from the full .panic...
  4. MysticalOS

    Dark mode

    Please. My eyes. At night time when i switch everything dark, most sites I use auto switch, like github. But this one is still blinding white in dark mode. A few tweaks to the html and the site would honor the light/dark theme of the visiting user agent.
  5. MysticalOS

    Hackintool & Opencore configurator don't recognize version

    Ever since OC 0.6.7, which made changes to how it stores/reports version, every 3rd party utility thinks i'm perma on 0.6.6 even though I've used 0.6.7 all the way to current 0.7.1 I know it's installed correctly. I even did a clean install for good measure this time but no matter what I do OC...
  6. MysticalOS

    10.15.5 has a file system bug to be aware of

    if using cloned backups, bombich posted a very important blog outlying a new file system bug that may affect creating NEW backups of 10.15.5. Updating existing backups should be fine. Since us hack users do backups regularly, I felt it was important to repost this info here and make sure to...
  7. MysticalOS

    How do I fix _OSI ("Darwin")?

    Any patch, any at all, that has if _OSI ("Darwin") then do stuff else do other stuff end doesn't work, unless I remove the _OSI ("Darwin") part. I really don't want to do that because I really want these patches, like EC ones, ONLY done in macOS. So what I need to do is figure out why when...
  8. MysticalOS

    appstore and itunes store suddenly broken

    With 0 configuration changes. Same hardware, same clover config, no new software at all. Literally it worked this morning, and this evening it didn't. Apple seems to have simply remotely revoked access to both itunes and appstore for my appleid for only THIS machine. I can access both fine from...
  9. MysticalOS

    Todays security update broke booting

    I'm unable to identify cause, standard useless hang in verbose mode iostatelock or whatever that message is. Yes I've already checked nvidia driver. I've updated enough times to know how to deal with that. It's something new. New to todays security update that broke some unknown componant and I...
  10. MysticalOS

    Trying to Fix UHD 630 AGPMSetBoost Errors

    Closest thread I could find that has an actual solution, is but the no recent macs or IGPs exist in that file. Using Imac 18,3, Cofee Lake 8700k with UHD 630 and macOS 10.13.6 (with security update so the OS does have...
  11. MysticalOS

    Oct 30 Security update brings Coffee Lake/UHD 630 to everyone

    The security update didn't just bring actual security updates. it brought over all the changes from the formerly exclusive macBook Pro supplementary update to baseline 10.13.6 and updated build number to 17G3025. Coffee lake and IGP now natively recognized without needing to pretend to be a...
  12. MysticalOS

    [WARNING] Clover update r4586 deletes OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi

    If you run installer like normal and do not do custom install to manually select OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi with this clover update, it completely removes OsxAptioFix3Drv-64.efi without warning which may leave you unbootable because you won't have it's replacement installed. Fortunately I always do...
  13. MysticalOS

    Clover update r2988 Caution

    I updated my perfectly working 0 issue clover from r2976 to 2988 with same configuration and installation setup across the board, and the new version would not post at all. it'd literally loop back to bios. I tried every fix imaginable. I tried UEFI, non UEFI. USB flash drive boot, hard drive...
  14. MysticalOS

    Kernel Panic when Using USB webcam/mic while HWMonitor is Open

    I have been documenting issue in my ticket on fakeSMC as I believe it is a software problem that needs work. I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed this issue? All I know is to trigger kernel panic it needs a USB Mic/cam, in my case a logitech...
  15. MysticalOS

    Z7 Gigabyte OC-Force unable to boot with 4790K

    [SOLVED] Z87 Gigabyte OC-Force unable to boot with 4790K EDIT SOLVED. was VT/d, doh. I thought i had disabled everything but forgot they stick that in a different area from rest of cpu options. I had a working build up until today, when i pulled 4770K out of system and replaced it with a...
  16. MysticalOS

    Toleda Haswell Graphics DSDT Can't compile if IGP is disabled

    As title says, I am unable to compile the haswell graphics DSDT anymore. However, as of 10.9.2, it's no longer possible to boot OS X with IGP enabled on my board (Gigabyte OC-Force F9), which is perfectly fine since I have a nvidia 780. I prefer it disabled anyways. However, this makes me...
  17. MysticalOS

    DSDT Request: GA-Z87X-OC Force

    I do not see OC Force in I was hoping it could be added.
  18. MysticalOS

    Kernel Panic Coreaudiod

    From time to to time, I am getting a random kernel panic that leaves very little information do to fact that kernel panic debug always freezes before providing much useful information. All I really get is panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff80002dea29 "Double fault at 0xffffff8002f3506, register:\n"...
  19. MysticalOS

    OpenCL thread crashing

    Several applications post install crash on same thread From CornerStone: Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: 0 libsystem_c.dylib 0x00007fff8f200812 strlen + 18 1 0x00007fff8399db87 0x7fff8399c000 + 7047 From Preview...