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  1. DrMacabre

    Lunadisplay on OSX - Help needed.

    Hi guys, I recently received a device called "Lunadisplay" in USB-C and to my disappointment, it doesn't seem to work on hackintosh. I contacted the company making the device but they are not exactly willing to help to see if i can make it work with a few adjustments or if it's a no go on...
  2. DrMacabre

    Firewire issue with P9X79 WS

    Hello, i recently changed my mobo from a GB Z68XP UD3P to Asus P9X78 WS. On the Z68 i could turn my firewire audio card after booting osx and it was detected but on the X79, if it's not turned on before booting, it's not. Is this a known issue or is there something wrong with my setup ?
  3. DrMacabre

    Excessive ram usage at boot up

    Hello, I recently swaped my mobo from a GB Z68XP-UD3P to and ASUS P9X79 WS. I had 32 gb of ram on the Z68 and ram usage under 3 gb of ram at boot. Now i have 48 gb of ram on the P9X79 and around 7 gb of ram usage at boot. Is there any reason for that ? it's the same OS, i just changed my clover...
  4. DrMacabre

    error on boot

    Hi, I get this everytime i boot since the upgrade, any know how to fix this ?
  5. DrMacabre

    can't write to SD card ?

    Hello, Any idea why I can't write to SD card under maverick on HP 4540s with clover ? I can't find anything on the forum. Thanks
  6. DrMacabre

    Can't boot Maverick after some insignifiant change in my sharing settins

    Hello, Tonight i was trying to fix my sharings, basically, my laptop doesn't show up automatically since the last update, i always have to go into server to get it in the "shared" list on my other hackintosh Anyway, i was only changing read & write permission per user on the volume from...
  7. DrMacabre

    How to make sure USB 3.0 is working on HP 4540s ?

    hello, Today i wanted to test my USB 3 on the laptop, i first tested the drive on my other PC running Maverick. I get around 105 Mb/s on the USB 3.0 port and 39 Mb/s on the USB 2 port. Now i've tested the same drive on the laptop and it gives me 40 Mb/s on all USB port. i'm using the...
  8. DrMacabre

    Ram upgrade for 4540s ?

    Hello, I plan to upgrade my 4 gb of ram pretty soon as well as my CPU from i3 to i7, what's the max memory you can put today in this laptop with the i7, i read 8gb somewhere and 16gb somewhere else, i'm confused now. Thanks
  9. DrMacabre

    Region free DVD on HP 4540s ?

    Hi, I failed to find anything about the 4540s DVD, is it possible to flash the firmware or anything to turn it into a region free dvd ? Thanks