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  1. 9000RPM

    Lenovo Yoga 700 restarts after shut down with power cable plugged in

    If I have the power cable plugged in and I try to shut down, the laptop will automatically restart itself after approx. two seconds. If I don't have the power cable plugged in, it shuts down normally. I searched and came across two possible solutions. One was applying the shutdown fix v2...
  2. 9000RPM

    (Request for Delete) Please assist in patching DSDT for battery status Yoga 700

    I am following the guide on how to patch for the battery status. Got my DSDT.aml file, downloaded MaciASL and trying to patch the Lenovo Ideapad Y700. When I try to Save As, it gives me a code about syntax error unexpected parseop_arg0 at line 11168. In a different thread I found, RehabMan...
  3. 9000RPM

    (Solved) Unable to boot after applying IntelBackLight.kext

    Hit a snag today when I tried to fix the screen brightness issue on my Yoga700-14ISK. Applied rehabman's newest intelbackligt.kext with kextbeast. Upon reboot, it will no longer boot.