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  1. poshook

    Kernel Panic while Update from HighSierra

    After first reboot I am not able to even reach installation dialog. Any toughts, I got cernel panic here:
  2. poshook

    ASrock X299 Extreme4 EFI for 10.13.6

    Is here anyone with this motherboard with 10.13.6 success to share EFI folder with me. Thank you in advance
  3. poshook

    X299 i7-7820X weird performance behavior in 10.13.6

    Performance is unstable in time. Right after boot I get much better score than some minutes later. Normal values from my CPU is around 1750-1800 in R15 but I have just 1440-1450
  4. poshook

    (SUCCESS) MSI X99S SLI PLUS + XEON E5-2658 V3 + GTX970

    100% working including stepping and turbo boost. Cinebench 1498 pts
  5. poshook

    E5-2658v3 runs on stock frequency all the time

    Hi, just installed 10.12.3 on my MSI X99S SLI PLUS. Everything is working fine except CPU. CPU is running on the base frequency 2.2GHz all the time no matter whether idle or load. There is no turbo boost as well. In system info it is called 2.2GHz unknown. Can some1 help me what to do to make...
  6. poshook

    Using original mac installation in hackintosh?

    Hi, just sold my Mac Pro 3,1 but still have the MacHD disk with 10.8.5 on it. Can I use it for hackintosh based on E3-1231 V3 on Gigabyte H87-D3H? thnx in advice