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  1. duncanroller

    Miniaturization of classic Mac

    Ran across this and thought I'd share it with the modding community. That is all. :)
  2. duncanroller

    Yosemite - Ivy Bridge (first mod)

    So rather than botching my cube I'm going to work my way up and learn some modding skills. I'm hoping to achieve something similar to spackley's "Budget G3 Powerhack". Here's what I'm looking at: Intel Core i3-3245 GIGABYTE GA-B75M-D3H Antec Basiq BP350 Phanteks PH-TC90LS 2x4GB PNY...
  3. duncanroller

    Cube project (WIP)

    My brother and I just started exploring a cube project. We are both big fans of a lot of the work displayed on this board, thanks for all the inspiration! Here's the basics of what we're planning: i5-4670k Z87 mini-ITX mSATA SSD - Mushkin Atlas 240GB Built-in PSU - Athena Power...
  4. duncanroller

    [Solved] iBoot 3.1.1 issues

    I'll start off by saying that I did have this machine working beautifully with iBoot+MultiBeast on 10.6.7. I wasn't well enough read (Fermi) before trying trying to go to 10.6.8 and am now at the point of an R&R. iBoot CD loads to its boot loader as expected. I swap the iBoot disc for my...