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  1. Parkol

    [Solved] HS - nVidia GTX 780 - Web Drivers - no signal after boot

    So, do you still have lags with GTX 780? If not how did you make it work? Thank you.
  2. Parkol

    Coffee Lake i7-8700K Compatibility

    I wanted to buy 7700k, but I decided to wait for 8700k. I use my hackintosh for music production (Logic and etc), so I don't want to find any compromise with 7700k or smth else. Honestly, I want the latest Intel proc, because my wife works in 3D Max and Autocad on Windows and sometimes rendering...
  3. Parkol

    New Music Production Set Up

    I use Motu 828mk3 Hybrid, which I bought few years ago and it works fine with Logic, Pro Tools on my Hackintosh. Also I have no problems with all hardware synths: DSI Tetra, Nord Modular G2 and Blofeld... So, if you think about Motu - it's a good choice! By the way I had Focusrite Saffire, that...
  4. Parkol

    Yosemite slow graphics? (Logic pro X)

    I moved to Yosemite from Maverics and I hoped that Logic X will work better, but it's the same. The Mixer, when you type X, it's opening with a delay. Logic 9 didn't have that problem. So if you know how to fix it, please, let me know. My system: 4930K Asus x79 Deluxe 32 Gb RAM SSD...
  5. Parkol

    GTX 780 Works

    I have Zotac AMP 780 GTX and it works in 10.9.1. I don't work in Adobe CS6 with Premiere and etc. I think it's better to work in Adobe on Windows 8.1. Premiere and After Effects work perfect on Windows...
  6. Parkol

    GTX 780 Works

    What about Logic X? I am going to buy AMP Zotac 780 GTX and for me - very important to work in Logic X.
  7. Parkol

    New NVIDIA Graphics Drivers for 10.7.3 Lion Released

    I have 295 GTX and after installation It shows all resolutions (from 640x480 to 1920x1200) and some applications works better, but I did tests Cinebench and it shows 14 fps. Of course I am not going to play Crysis on Lion, but it's too slow. I worked in After Effects before on Snow Leo, but now...