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  1. hemon

    Force HDMI to 144Hz

    Hi, is there a way to force HDMI to 144Hz from 60Hz? I use as SMBIOS iMac 19,1. Thank you!
  2. hemon

    10.15.4: iMessage and FaceTime does not work anymore!

    Hi, iMessage and FaceTime does not work anymore since the new update. You can find my EFI attached and I hope, you can help me. Thank you in advanced. S.
  3. hemon

    USB Installation media: it doesn't find it on reboot

    Hi, I made the usb installation media for mojave according to the guide ( but the media is not founded on reboot, so I cannot access to the installation. What can I do for to solve the problem? I have, of course, formatted the USB as Mac OS Extended etc.
  4. hemon

    VoodooHDA vs AppleHDA?

    Hi, since the HDMI Audio with my 1070 and AppleHDA doesn't work anymore, I have to use VoodooHDA, which I do for the first time. So, I would like to know what's the difference between the two kexts. For example, which "sounds" better? Thanks.
  5. hemon

    Pascal and HDMI problem

    Hi, now that pascal runs I have the following problem: I have to unplug and replug the hdmi cable in order to bring brightness programs and night shift to work. Is this a bug? Do you have any solutions? Thank you for your time.
  6. hemon

    Sierra & Safari: Freezing and reboot!

    Hi, if I go to this website: then Safari causes a freeze or a reboot! Do you have this too? Solutions? Google Chrome works without problems. I made a clean install of sierra.
  7. hemon

    Can you check please my drivers64UEFI and config.plist?

    Hi, for a perfect hackintosh I would like to know if my folder drivers64UEFI has the right files: EmuVariableUefi-64.efi HFSPlus.efi OsxAptioFix2Drv-64.efi PartitionDxe-64.efi I use the DSDT and SSDT. Can you tell me then if my config.plist is correct? Thank you for your time. Cheers S.
  8. hemon

    Please: Can you help me to disable the discrete GPU?

    Hi, I'm desperately trying to do this: in order to work just with the integrated GPU (Intel HD 4600) but I cannot compile the SSDT without errors. Can you do this for me, please? Thanks.
  9. hemon

    GTX 1070 (Pascal) + HD 4600?

    Hi, I would like to buy the gtx 1070 but I know that the nvidia web drivers aren't released yet. So I'm asking you if there is a way to use the iGPU (HD 4600) in OSX and the 1070 in Windows. The HD 4600 actually works very well in OSX but if I try to boot OSX with my card GTX 970 and the HD...
  10. hemon

    El Capitan: HD4600 + 980 Ti: Black screen for the HD4600

    Hi, I've a problem with my HD 4600 (i7 4790k): The graphic card is fully recognized in the system (through the FakePCIIID...) but if I try to both with it (actually I use the gtx 980 ti) clover did shows nothing: I just have a black screen; so I have no access to clover. And in OSX (because of...
  11. hemon

    SSDT States: is this correct?

    Hi, I patched my SSDT for my i7 4790k @4400. Can you tell me if the SSDT is correct, I mean if the speed up is done, please? AppleIntelInfo.kext v1.2 Copyright © 2012-2015 Pike R. Alpha. All rights reserved Settings: ------------------------------------ logMSRs...
  12. hemon

    Wake-Up doesn't work well: USB stops working!

    Hi, I need help because if I put El Capitan in (deep) wake-up than usb ports stop working and I can do nothing. I have a DSDT and I use the last FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext Any solution for this? Do you need more informations? Cheers and thank you! –––– El Capitan 10.11.3 –...
  13. hemon

    El Capitan, Clover, and SIP

    Hi, after that I installed everything I enabled the SIP through Clover. Now I want to ask if I have to disable it every time when I install something (like new Nvidia web drivers). It can it just stay from now always enable? Thank you and sorry for my bad english :)
  14. hemon

    Which SMBIOS?

    Hi there, I'm using this hardware and I don't know which SMBIOS I should have: i7-4790k GA-z87h GTX 980 Ti El Capitan Clover 3280 Actually I've MacPro3,1 but I read that iMac 14,2 should be better. What do you think? Thanks.
  15. hemon

    NEW NVIDIA Drivers and GTX 980 HDMI connection: Problem solved!!!

    Hi, I just installed the new nvidia web drivers (342.02.01f01 - 22.12.14) for the GTX 980 and the HDMI connection finally works!!! Merry Christmast to everyone and to Nvidia :clap:
  16. hemon

    Clover bootloader: Windows doesn't boot

    Hi everyone! I've Clover as bootloader and if I try to start windows from that, windows just doesn't start: black screen. It just starts if I boot it from the bios selection. With Chameleon I had no problems at all. Can you help me to fix that please? Cheers S.
  17. hemon

    GA-Z87X-UD3D: USB 3.0 Freeze Issue

    Hi, I installed Yosemite and everything works (expect iMessage, FaceTime..) but USB 3.0: Wenn I insert a drive at the front port it freezes randomly. Sometime it works without problems. I haven't installed USB 3.0 Generic Drivers, USB 3.0 is out of the box. Can you help me please to handle...