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  1. MeloManiac

    << Solved >> i7940x sudden overheating/temp spikes

    Hi. I don't think this is BECAUSE I am running a hackintosh, but recently my ASUS X299 Sage + i7940x config has started doing these seemingly random CPU heat/power usage spikes out of nowhere. Tried to boil it down to some apps or something, but it has nothing to do with CPU load. I can barely...
  2. MeloManiac

    Intel 660p NVMe often runs at half/low speed

    Hi. This has been puzzling me for a while, and I can't seem to find a solution: Often my 660p Intel NVMe drive, hosted in an m.2 slot on my ASUS X299 Sage motherboard will benchmark to around 700mb/sec in Blackmagic Speed Test, whereas it sometimes more than doubles that at 1700mb/sec (which I...
  3. MeloManiac

    Security update 2021-003 Catalina

    Hi. I haven't been able to find anything about this update here, which has been out for quite a while. Anyone who applied it and is it safe to do? Running Clover here.
  4. MeloManiac

    << Solved >> RX 570 - HDMI not working

    Hi. I tried with various suggestions here on the forum to get the HDMI working on an RX 570 but all I find is for RX 580, and I so far haven't made it work. It FINDS the Samsung TV I have connected via HDMI, but the signal doesn't seem to get there. Any ideas? Tried with different "InjectATI"...
  5. MeloManiac

    Best X299 board with TB header?

    Hi there. Completely new here, so apologize if this forum isn't for questions like this. I want to try building my first hackintosh, and while I realize that doing a Z390 based one is probably easier at this point, I want something that can host 256GB RAM, so I have to go the X299 route. I...